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Who was Constantine?

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Who Was Constantine? Brian Kim In the Davinci Code Dan Brown says that Jesus' earliest followers believed that he was just a mortal man. the great teacher of prophet, but nothing more. He was made divine by a vote of the Council of Nicaea In 325 AD at the insistance of Roman emperor Constantine Constantine pretended to have converted to Christianity. but he was actually a pagan emperor. He made Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire for political reasons. And then the church leaders cohost him into being baptized on his deathbed. So Brown has his expert retrieving say Jesus' establishment as the 'Son of God' was officially proposed and voted on by the Council of Nicaea. So they asked him 'Hold on,' 'You're saying that Jesus' divinity was the result of vote,' relatively cross vote of access of retrieving Brown also says, 'Until that moment in history, Jesus was viewed by his followers as a mortal prophet, And again, Constantine upgraded Jesus' status almost four centuries after Jesus' death. So what are we to make of these claims? Constantine lived from about 273 to 337 AD He became emperor in 306, sort of. The Roman Senate supported Maxentius as emperor. and war broke out between Constantine and Maxentius, in 312 AD. The outcome was settled of the battle of the Milbean bridge. Constantine won this battle, and by doing that he secured his place. as the sole ruler of the westen half of the empire. Now Constantine claimed before the battle he saw a cross in the sky and the words in this sign 'Conquer' He believed that the God of the Christians had helped him to win. and he converted to Christianity. Over the next twelve years, he strengthened his position. so that back to 3 to 4 AD he was the sole ruler of the whole Roman empire. and the next year, he called the Council of Nicaea. Was he genuinely converted? Or was it just to assure the political mood? as Dan Brown says, 'This distance in time is no way that we can tell.' However what is clear is the Constantine's conversion did move the gold post for Christianity. Before Constantine, Christians had often been persecuted for their beliefs. In 313 AD Constantine and Licinius, the ruler of the eastern half of the empire together established toleration for all religions by the edict of Milan. They didn't make Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire, but they did make it acceptble to be a Christian. and Constantine did pour a lot of money into building churches, and into having Bibles copied. Dan Brown is quite right to say that Constantine was baptized on his deathbed in 337 AD. Brown says that the church leaders cohost him into this, The reality is a bit more ordinary. In those days, people often waited until they're dying... to be baptized. They believed that baptism washed away their sins, so it's just a good tactics to leave it as late as possible, to make sure all your sins were included. Thank you

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Roman Emperor Story

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