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Indigo - Dr Edward de Bono discusses Six Thinking Hats

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For 2,400 years we have been using argument as a way of discussing or exploring a subject. Argument is actually a very primitive and inefficient way of exploring a subject. In argument, it's mainly negative, mainly attacking, and there's no constructive effort, no design effort. There is an alternative to argument, where everyone, at any one moment, is thinking in parallel constructively. This is the six hats. Each hat is the symbol of a mould or direction of thinking. The white hat for information, the red hat for feelings. The black hat for critical thinking. The yellow hat for benefits. The green hat for creativity. And the blue hat the organizing hat. That's now very widely used world wide. So, instead of people attacking each other and point-scoring, co-operatively, they're helping open up the subject, explore the subject. This method is now very widely used at top economic meetings, by four-year-olds in school, by major executives, and so on. So, six hats. A very different approach to exploring a subject, from argument. We don't just say, "That's wrong, that's wrong," and try and prove your point. You open up, you explore it. Under the yellow hat you'd say, "There are these benefits... I see these benefits, and those benefits." And the black hat you'd see, "these dangers..." and so on. Green hat could be, "here's another way of doing it" here are some alternatives, here are some new ideas." So, it's a very practical, very simple way, very widely now, of any sort of discussion any sort of exploration, at any level whether it's top executive level, whether it's shop floor level and indeed, we've had occasions where unions have said to management we will not negotiate with you unless you use the six hats. The parallel thinking. The key word there is "parallel." Parallel means that you're looking, thinking, in the same direction but your directions change, so you can get across your point of view you can get across a critical point of view under the black hat, and so on. So that's the six hat system, and it's now widely used. It needs training. It needs formal training. But then, it's very easy to use.

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Posted by: mcjsa on Dec 21, 2010

Edward De Bono discusses six thinking hats

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