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Throughout history we have been limited to the materials available in the world around us we can not create something from nothing but if we can manipulate things we have to create new materials. The field of nanotechnology is taking such manipulation to a new level. The atomic level nanotechnology What if you could take water and air and make potato starch or if they could take an ordinary piece of coal into a diamond These scenarios may be more realistic than you think, thanks to the development in the emerging field of nanotechnology Even in its infancy nanotechnology could be possible in the manufacture of many products and materials at an elementary level. This means that scientists manipulate atoms and common substances could produce artifacts or even create new ones. The Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman in 1959 formulated the theory that it was possible to create products by building a particle at a time He believed that manipulate individual atoms could open the door to a new world of technology. Conventional bulk manufacturing using existing materials and then processed differently. The steel is made by mixing iron atoms. Rayon is made by altering the positions of the atoms in the molecules of cellulose from wood. The molecules of ethane and propane removed from the oil and combined with other molecules forming plastics. These products are created by taking a substance and eliminates its components or other substances combine to form something new. Nanotechnology does make things as small to as large or link atoms in a specific way to create an ordinary product or an entirely new substance. Manufacture of small to large may leave less waste and less pollution. Laboratories around the world are researching and developing nanotechnology. A computer manufacturer has created a united states of atoms viewer allows scientists see and manipulate individual atoms. A computerized atoms viewer uses a metal tip driver to move the atoms. This appliance is to help create microscopic computer chips that could make the smaller, more efficient and less expensive computers. This revolutionary technology is not limited to computers. could pave the way for improvements in medicine agriculture and military weapons. Often called nanotechnology is commonly used technology that has the potential to affect almost all industries to provide cleaner and safer products better. In turn, these products should be cheaper to produce because the only raw material needed would atoms. With advances in nanotechnology is not fanciful to say that people could use the technology themselves. So people could create their own fabrics, food, fuel and computers. Nanotechnology can start a new industrial revolution, one that completely changed manufacturing as we know it today. ♫♫♫♫♫ they have received all the information. Now it discuss the questions. Take a moment to discuss the following: How nanotechnology helps to make cleaner and safer products? SUBTITLED BY: SALAS 007 Thank you ...

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consiste en explicar la funcionalidad de la nanotecnologia.

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