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Apple iPad controlling Yamaha M7CL - Overview

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♪♫♪♫.................[Music playing] Hey, we're here in the Yamaha commercial audio truck. Most of you know about the <a href="">M7 mixing console</a>. It's one of the most popular digital mixing consoles that Yamaha has for the House of Worship market. The new thing they're adding this year is an iPad interface. So I'm here with Leland, who's the Yamaha commercial audio expert and he's going to explain how the iPad interface works with the M7 audio console. Leland...

So, this is the Stagemix application. It's designed to help you set up your monitor mixes up on stage when you're working with your M7. Uh, you've got control of all the faders on the console, and you also have that multi-touch functionality that you can use on your iPad to go ahead and bring those mixes up. ...bring up your individual channels. While you're working on your channels, you can get into your equalizer, you can [Ron] "Ok, so before you just brought up the 3 virtual faders on that screen. Then we saw the 3 faders come up over here on the console." [Leland] "Yep." [Ron] So these 3 moved those faders...ok [Leland] "And we'll go ahead and grab another one bring that up." [Ron] "Up it comes." [Leland] "So you guys can see that." [Ron] "Great! So now EQ." [Leland] "Go into the equalizer. You can make adjustments to your equalizer and it's just like all iPad applications where you can drag your finger around to make changes. You can pinch to make adjustments.

I like to do the pinch that way instead. It's a little easier. I can lock my frequency. I can lock my gain if I need to to make those adjustments a little bit more delicate. Uhm, you have your "Sends on fader" mode. So while you're making those monitor mix adjustments you can choose which, uh, mix that you want electing it here on the screen. Those faders are going to change color to correspond with the, uh, different colors of the encoders and then we can send signal to those different mixes and you can see that happening there on Mix #1 there on the, uh, output meters. And when I switch to Mix #9 and we add some signal from here. You can also see that there on the output meters." [Ron] "Amazing! Okay, so this is a lot of power in an iPod application." [Leland] "Mm hm." [Ron] "How much does this run?" [Leland] "Uh, this comes free." [Ron] "Really?" [Leland] "So this is a free application on the, uh App Store. MmHm..." [Ron] "Now does this this go ahead and communicate directly with the console? Or do you need to havea laptop with Wi-Fi hooked up?" [Leland] "You need to have a wireless router connected directly to your console." [Ron] "Okay [Leland] "And then this iPad is gonna be connected to that wireless router. And it's gonna be controlling the console."

[Ron] "So all you need is a $59 wireless router? You don't need a separate laptop or anything?" [Leland] "Basically, yes." [Ron] "Incredible! So you go up on the platform. You can adjust your mix. Adjust your EQ. Just like you had an on stage monitor mixer." [Leland] "Yep." [Ron] "Alright Leland, thanks a lot. Appreciate it man."

[Leland] "No problem, yeah. [Ron] "Okay." [Leland] "Enjoy it," ♪♫♪♫................[Music playing]

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Year: 2012
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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 17, 2012

Join Leland from Yamaha and Ron from CCI Solutions as they show you how the iPad works with the Yamaha M7CL via the StageMix app. It enables you to control all the faders on your console and uses the iPad's multi-touch functionality. You can drag and drop or use the pinch motion to make adjustments remotely. Watch how the mixing board faders move as Leland makes adjustments on his iPad. The Stagemix is a free app and the iPad connects to the mixer via Wi-Fi with no separate laptop needed. Very cool technology.

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