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A day in the life of the Interdimensional Portal: DESTENI

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: A day in the life of the Portal - Lilly Hello! this is lily..I am know me already! I did some interviews..I haven't been here in quite 'awhile'. Because I have been 'very busy', at the moment, i'm applying the: (inhale), in breathe, infinite moment..out breathe, hold. in breathe, infinite moment..out breathe, hold. Anyway, ok (smile). so I am having fun. and..I am here to communicate about.. a day..'in a life of the portal', ok. So, i've been one of the beings that have stayed here for..'twooo days'! was strange because,, was a..interdimensional being, 'my entire existence' so in other words, i've never had an..experience, life experience as an human being on 'earth'. and.. so, i'm a..joyful today. so that's why, i'm i'm..i'm expressing myself joyful. (laugh) and.. so, guess what?..two days, me a dimensional being in this portal. so the being who's human physical body this is.. spend 'twooo days', in the dimensions with 'full awareness', ok? so here we go. (laugh)I came in, and..I was like, you know we are able to walk around and move around and things like that. It's quite simple, we're..we, take the place of the being whose body this is. and she's in the dimensions..and we are here. and, then..'I ate!'..and.. Because you know, dimensional beings don't eat of course, we don't have to. but I experience..'eating'..for the first time, and you know what's interesting? When we eat..I only had chicken or something, i'm able to see where the chicken comes from, 'as I eat', Where the chicken comes from? did that chicken have a healthy life? Were that chicken care for well? what food did the chicken eat? It's quite interesting eating because I can see the chicken entire life (smile), while I am eating. My favorite, drink is hot chocolate. 'I love hot chocolate!' is so nice. It is 'sweet' and..creamy..and.. 'chocolatety' (hmm) the best in the world. Ok, but then..I also had to see..(awe) well, that was strange because it's like..i'm in this body.. and..I wasn't tired, I wasn't tired but I could feel the human physical body require..'rest'. Not think of rest as a 'requirement'..though 'adviseable', especially when we are working so extensively here. and.. so I was like lying down..right (excited)'s so strange! because it's like me a dimensional being in the human physical body, and i, had to put on pajamas, now I am putting on sunette's (opps).. the human being's physical body this is's cloths..and..and I put it on, and then I have to like climb in the bed, and pull all the covers and..and and..lie down, and I put my head on the 'pillow', and I..I went to bed and I was like..looking around, but eventually I got to sleep so I just breathe, and I started talking to dimensional beings that, and kept me company. 'And!', I always also went for a dance class (laugh).. me lilly a dimensional being at a dance class.. of course the person who gave the dance didn't know anything..we sometimes do that, swapped, for awhile..and then, the being in this body is in the dimensions and I am here. So! those are the three most hot..four most hot topics, of the experience of a day, in the life of the portal..from a dimensional being. This is lilly. byyyeee. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 7, 2009


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