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NM Aries Ruth Nahmias 2015

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OK everyone hallo, it’s the time of the year of the new moon of Aries. Aries the first sign of the Zodiac, the Spring Equinox. So we’re starting everything to blossom again the sun, the flowers, everything is out again, and the energy We had, before this new moon of Aries, a few days ago very important combination, that have to mark the point for that First of them, it’s Saturn, that was in retrograde on March 14. And when Saturn is retrograde, the planet Saturn, who is the policeman of the chart who pushes us to do the good actions, to go to the right way so by going retrograde until August 2nd we have another opportunity to check to fill up, to go back to the things that we didn’t finish, to situations, to a relationship or any thought or commitment that we had and we didn’t finish it, we have the opportunity to go back into it, to review it and to continue in the right way. The second point which is a very important point, because it was on March 17 1617 it was the last square of the planet Pluto and Uranus Can you imagine, since 2012, until now, until a few days ago we had 7 squares? Just to give you an example and I think I did last time, but to remind you an example of this combination and the effect of those squares, last time when those squares happened between the planet Pluto and the planet Uranus it was a tsunami in Hiroshima, in Fukushima, sorry Like the whole thing happened the whole, and a station and nuclear energy break and it happened, and it affected the whole world. That’s the effect of the square. So we’ll see the effect and after the square, because when the square happened it’s the hit moment but the effect of it it’s long time ago, and unfortunately and it’s this time and this whole energy will erase will be erased and going down and down and down it will be until 2017 So we have those 2 years of the effect of the last square until we completely be erased and we are out and up to another challenge and to another combination of planets. The last point that I want to talk about is today, March 20 the solar eclipse it’s the new moon of Aries but it’s also a solar eclipse, which is so important. Those kind of combination doesn’t happen every time. The next time that we will have a new moon combined with a solar eclipse it will be in 2034 In 19 years, in 19-20 years from now. So it has a big effect, new moon of Aries, solar eclipse at 29° of Pisces. Last degrees, it’s really to tell us, to awake in us, solar eclipse is to awake in us what we have hidden, what we have, what we don’t see, what we are in denial, like Pisces knows so well to do. The solar eclipse combined with the new moon of Aries will take this out and will put it on the table to resolve it. So we had and we have a very charged month, but in a positive way. Good luck and have a good night

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Posted by: kabvids42 on Mar 18, 2015

astrology forecast for the month of aries

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