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George Interview

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We are going to start with your name, how old you are, and very briefly, how you got in this, and the experiences that you had. Well, my name is George Asanz, I am 30 years old. I am in the process of Ser Paz Foundation for 7 years now. I belong to gangs, organizations, for 15 years; since I was 15 years old, I move around in this environment. Are you a boss? I am the spokesperson in charge, at a national level.... of the organization Birth of Steel. And the same one that has around 2 thousand active members. What is it called, what is the name? Birth of Steel... is the organization. What experience did you have on the streets? Did you go to jail? Why? Out of the negative things that happen when you are in a violent process, I think that the saddest is to be in jail for 11 times. I was in there several occassion, in different jails of the country, and.... besides that I have received a gunshot in my leg, in a street fight, in the confrontations, I have several scars on my face from the fights. And I believe that that is the most negavite thing that is behind the streets. What is the worst from the streets? Jail, the hurt ones, and the confrontations. I believe that is the most negative that there can be. Have you spent a long time in the gang, why did you get in? I think that there are a lot.. ah, a lot of things why I joined the group. Could it have been curiosity, for the chicks because there were a lot during that time, since I was not the first leader, before me there was another one... because we had something in common with the other guys. At the beginning, it all developed in a moderate manner and friendy. Right? But then it transformed to where everyone who wanted to compete, there was no space to do so. And compete to be the worst. That was the most negative. I believe that there were even deaths, a lot of confrontations where people fell from different groups. Why did you get the courage to change? Why did you have to the courage to join Ser Paz? I believe that everything started thanks to a friend that was in a process... that in those times he would stain the walls with delimitations of zones, the so called grafittis. But they were artistic graffitis and none that were harmful.. And he was in the proess of change at that time, at a city level... And it really caught my attention that there was an option and that we could find friends. Well out of everything, I believe that one of the most gratifying experinences that has happened is when I saw Nelsa, when she went to visit me in jail, right? I believe that in the most difficult times in life, the fact that when someone visits you.... someone that barely knows you. That marks, that is where you see the friendship, and in reality that they want to do a complete job. From then on everything happened smoothly. And now we are being examples for other teens as well, that are not yet in the process. What was the most difficult thing to learn for you? I think that the most difficult thing is to learn to forgive. Why Because when you are on the streets, and when you are in the "you get me, I'll give you double"..... ... and "receive, and I'll give", the most difficult thing is to learn to forgive. learning to be a positive example, and to give good ideas to the people that think in a negative manner. In what way did Nelsa transform your life? I believe that she was with me during the most difficult times, because the change was not from one day to another, right? We were with her in conversations but we still kept stealing, we kept doing negative things, because it is an entire process that takes a lot of years. And I believe nelsa became that mother that failed me, now that my mother passed away, in a friend, in a confidant, someone who you could trust, and I could tell her the most difficult thing that has happened in life. A person that really gained the trust and friendship of all of us, through caring and love. That little by little we learned from her. Because you could say that we learned a lot from her, and that we are replicates. What sensation caused that someone was starting to give love and no violence. At that time, when you are in an organization, the only thing in your mind is to not trust anyone in this world, because you only think that the entire world only wants to hurt you, wanting to know who you are, and to put you in jail. But when you meet a person that gives you affection and love, you start to trust them, you start to tell the rest that in reality, there is a positive option, and a new path to continue. Sincerely, there is something that gets to your heart. At present, with 7 years that I know Nelsa, I always tell her: " I am willing to give my life for you", in different ways, because in reality we love each other. Not only me, but several people that were inside the process. She has changed lives; for example, my case. I have a business, a micro company, where I work with around 7 guys, in different areas. We are changing lives. Because each life that stops violence, is a great achievement for the organization. How do you think that the authority behaves with the people that live here in poverty? What do you think about that I think that for a long time authorities did not say anything, that they are trying to fix things now, but in a very small way. A lot of things could be done. Who knows with the new government change, they might get coverted into politics of the state. There are a lot of necessities from the poor, due to the fact that that same poverty.... those of us that lived on the streets, know...... he wants to get fed, do anything, it takes mostly the youngest ones.. to comit delinquent acts. I believe that there is more that can be done. But sadly there has not been anything done about it. I believe that foundations, like Ser Paz, give an example that with little resources a lot can be done. In this case, stopping a little violence , because it is a long process.... where day after day lives are being changed. Buth there are new kids that get in negative things, right? And I think that this should be a war that should never be stopped. When you were in the violence, what kept you going, day to day? What feeling did you have inside? What gave you the strength? I believe that when one is inside on the other side, the only thing that is wanted is to have power. You have wishes to expand territories, to be the most well known, strongest and the most frightening. I believe that what gives you the most strength is the terror that you could cause in other people, those that know you and those that don't know you. That onl by hearing your name they cause you to be scared. That could be said to be on the other side And did you have power? Yes, plenty A lot of people still respect me, because I, back then, would conduct myself in an aggressive manner, true? And it was something to be scared about at that time. But to see that one person who was everything negative, can make the change, they see that they can also make the change, and they begin to join the great process; because like we said, it is not from one day to the next. We are learning more and more each day. We try to be better. How can you transform that agression? By having all the doors closed and by having the whole world see you like a rare insect, like something that has no use, and back then we were famous, right? Now we are still famous. But they are not afraid of us, now they like us Now we are famous positives. Before we were negatively famous. We have the same stimulus to be recognized, but in another way. It is important; it is not for what is said, but for what is done, it is for what people should be taken into account for. Is there anything else you would like to tell the people that sees the gangs in a wrong way....? I believe that the whole world deserves an opportunity, right? For them to open up a space so that they can demonstrate that not everything that is seen, is negative. For youll, it was a pleasure helping you. "Love of Steel", is what we say over here. My dream in particular, is the same one that I have had since I was 7 years old.... that all the guys from different groups to get together, chat, and for the war to end. and for everything to start in a positive manner, for everyone to accomplish their dreams, have an honorable job... and for them to be respected, for the discrimination to stop against what is not known. Thanks

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