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sodom (2014) by Arkadiy Mamontov - part2

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We take the embryos out, we warm them up they come alive again and then we give them to the mother. They're good for a hundred years There they're taking the eggs, taking the sperm and putting them together to make the embryo And then we grow them for five days We do the test to see if it's a boy or girl or there's any genetic disease and then we give it to the mother. It's called a clean room. Class one thousand clean room, very, very clean We have to put on space suits to go inside. But the baby in a homosexual family will never see his mother And the babies will be ok not seeing the mother. The US, San Francisco, 2014 Ten of thousands of sodomites gather to demonstrate their lifestyle Ordinary people are staring at the event with interest Aren't you afraid that your child would want to become like them? -Oh, really?! No! We actually want to encourage him to see everything in the world It's odd, it's the world's offer, you know. The local television specifically chose a transvestite to be the host of the show He is one of theirs. These two women belong to a new sex try, a new family and a new world. - I am 38. -52. - You have children? -One child. -Together? -Yes. -How it is living without men? -Delightful It's lovely. That's what I want -How many homosexual are in America now? -Well, they say 10%, but probably many many more. -10%? That many more? -Yeah! -How you grew the child without a man? -Same way we raise child everybody. We... love her -If we love her and provide for her, then everything's fine. -I mean, you needn't man to get a child. -Oh, I see, biological -Uhm, yes,yes. I have a friend who gave me some sperm in a cup And that's how I made my baby. -Who is papa and who is mama? -What is your guess? Who do you think? Who is mama? -You. -Yes. -She...He? -She. -You are papa and you are mama -No, no papa, but I am mama -Ok. What tell your child? -Mama and mama -Yeah, I'm also mama. -But si calls me yuyu. That's what the baby calls me. -That's her name. -What will think the child if he grow up? He'll ask 'why you don't have for real papa?' -No, she has lots of other people in her life that have 2 mamas and she has lots of great uncles and granpa and Opa -It's a daughter? -Yes. Sodomites unconciously understand that what they're doing is wrong However, on the surface, everyone makes an effort to express joy. - Are you happy? -Happy? Very happy. (Russian television) - We asked also your friends already. -Homosexual pair? -Yeah. We're traditional homosexuals. -It's your child? -Yes. This is our daughter. -What do you think? Is she happy that she has two moms and no one papa? -Yeah! Of course -And she's a little shy right now. -Yeah, yeah, I see. Children in homosexual families don't look happy. The child feels that everything that's happening around them contradicts nature's law. Bus driver and gay parade. Frightening dialogue -What do you think about this? -The gay parade? Very interesting. This is a newspaper man. He has a specific attitude towards everything that's going on It's bigger every year Twenty years ago it was sort of small and it keeps getting bigger and bigger

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Duration: 19 minutes and 54 seconds
Year: 2014
Country: Russia
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Producer: Arkadiy Mamontov
Director: Arkadiy Mamontov
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Posted by: horatiua on Jan 12, 2016

SODOM is an amazing documentary film about life in western society today, "about the aggressive imposition of sexual perversions and gender/LBGT ideology". Banned in Canada. Banned on Youtube.

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