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L'Esquive-Games of Love and Chance

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Nanou! Nanou!!! Damn! Didn't you just hear me calling you? Yeah why are you yelling, calm down, what's going on with you? That asshole! that bastard! He came up to me like I don't know what He jumped me Who? that idiot, that asshole, came up to me, like: "hey, are you Lydia's friend?" I was like, yea, kind of He tells me, "tell her to stop giving my boy Krimo the run around and all", I don't know he was going crazy, blah, blah, blah that she better give him an answer and all well I don't give a damn, shit In the beginning I didn't even know what to do. I was telling him: "go on don't even come near me please don't come near me and all" he comes up and he starts slapping me and all Yea but who? Who are you talking about right now? That other one, Fathi, that tall asshole, the one with brown hair who lives in building B7 Krimo's boy, Damn, he'll see he thinks that he's so hot yea but he's a dude, girl, he fights chicks, he's not even a dude girl Yea but I was minding my business, talking on my phone, he grabs it and throws me on the ground He's slapping me and all, then he starts to strangle me I couldn't even move, I couldn't do anything Damn! Do you understand that he messed me up? That's it But why did he do that to you? But it's because of that damn filthy chick that bitch Lydia! apparently, he asked her to go out with him or I don't know what I don't know, I didn't understand anything about his crappy story That bitch is going get hers too, She's acting like a slut and I'm the one paying for it??? for what I don't know because she hasn't given Krimo an answer or I don't know what. I didn't understand anything He was hitting me and that's about all that I understood But even she is out of line girl, she's the one leading him on and you're the one who gets hit But yea, that's what I've been saying but he's insane! Why is even even getting in the middle of Lydia and Krimo's business? That's between the two of them Exactly! That's what I told him, normally that's between them two why are you here? Then I told him, you need to see Lydia if you want to talk. he was thretening me, he was like: "yea, but anyway if she doesn't give Krimo an answer quickly" -Come on, let's go see him Come on let's go see him He's going to mess all of us up, but no, but it's too late, he already got out of here, damn. But he took my cell phone he took my brand new cell phone, damn! What am I going to do? My Dad and brother are going to go off on me He's going to be like: "Where is the cell phone?". What can I say now? I'm thinking about the situation I'm in here Plus, he wont give it back to me until..he told as long as my damn friend didn't give me an answer "If she doesn't answer you, I wont give you back your cell phone" What am I going to do now? What am I going to say? I'm going to get messed up, My Dad and my brother are going to light me up And what are you going to do now? Really what can I do? First thing, I'm going to see that bitch of a slut Lydia Well come on, let's go see her right now Yeah, since he says that he wont give my cell phone back until she gives an answer So that idiot better have an answer, or else I'm going to slap her and same goes for that asshole, he'll see...He's going to have to deal with my brother

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Duration: 2 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: None
Producer: Jacques Ouaniche
Director: Abdel Kechiche
Views: 1,077
Posted by: caliaris on May 3, 2010

The teens in the film—most of whom are North African and Muslim—live somewhere in the slums of Paris and their parents are conspicuous by their absence, which means they're allowed to do just about anything they want with very little interference, and though the worst thing a kid does here is steal someone's cell phone

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