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What is Enlightenment? - DD Interview part 5/10

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the reason that ask you this is sadhguru is because that suppose you have started it you are on the path and you are talking steps forward towards probably evolving you know into a more evolved soul if i may use the word again here,then is this the path you suddenly attain enlightment or just enlightment.whatever your refering to as soul generally i refrain from using those words,i would like to call it you .ok me.body you gathered ,mind you gathered , You must be there is'nt gather these two things you must be there ,true.i am refrain from using those words because these words have been so much misused in so many different ways because if i say a soul people are thinking of a soulmate if a soul also needs a mate i think it definitly needs a we are talking about a dimension which is beyond a physical.everything thats physical about you ,you gathered from this its ecology.your body is ecology,your mind is ecology because this is a heap of ..this a collection of food that you ve eaten, this is a collection of impressions of your experiences in life .so what you accumulate can be yours but can never be you is'nt it ? whatever you accumulate you can claim this is mine but if you this is me thats is considering insanity,but right now the whole world is in that .condition.they experience their body andtheir mindand their thoughts and their emotions as themselves ,these are all accumulated stuff but right now they are feeling and experiencing as if it is them so once you make this basic mistake all your perception is completly distorted,so is enlightment or going beyond this possible?if bondage is possible liberation is also possible is'nt it?if being limited is possible breaking the limit is also possible.i am talking in this language because i dont want to talk about anything which is not in peoples experience,but if you talk about something which is not in peoples experience because if you talk about something which is not yet in peoples experience the only option that i am leaving for anybody is either they have to believe me or disbelieve me.if they believe me they dont get closer to reality, if they disbelieve me they are definitly dont get anywhere closer to reality. the only way is when they break through their limitations and percieve thats when they know it . if i say something to you it could inspire you or put you off.if i talk about something which you do not know which do not know whether its true or not it might inspire you to go towards it or it may put you i dont talk about it ,i only give you a method,right now you can recognise the limitations of your life and let see how to break this,if you break this you realise the next level of limitaitons if you break that next level of limitations,it doesnt matter how many are there some day you must be able to break all of them is'nt it?so the question is just about how effective a tool do you have in your hand?are you working with a prickaxe or are you working with a doser?thats a question,if you are working with an effective tool then you ll break through all your limitations at the earliest possible when you say is this possible or how long?it is possible in this life for every humanbeing.i want this to be very clear because when it comes to physical reality,when it comes to our physical capabilties,mental capabilites each one of us are differently capable,no two humanbeings are equally capable when it comes to outside world,but when it comes to inner dimensions all of us are equally capable.there is noboday better that the other every humanbeing is equally capable but for one person it has happened for the other person has not happened because he never looks in that direction,theres no application theres no striving above all he doesnt even see that it exists .

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 Sadhguru was interviewed by Gouran Dhawan Lal on DD National TV just prior to receiving the Indira Gandhi Award. This is a 10 part interview, addressing various topics from Gurus and Spirituality to Population and War.

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