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The Venus Project - Welcome to the Future -=Trailer=-

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from "Welcome to the Future" What does the future hold for society? In what kind of world do we wish to live? And if we can redesign the way we live? What would be like? Can the stresses of today be eliminated? Can cities be designed for free the traffic problems, pollution, crime, poverty? Will be hunger and disease things of the past? Sound impossible? When you really start asking these questions, and looking for answers that open mind, you make realize it's a more possible than you ever imagined. But when governments are self serving, corporations are into greedy and neglecting environment, and religion are splitted into calculous sets, were we will look? That is the real question. And it deserves a real answer. For more than 60 years, Jacque Fresco has been seeking answers to many of todays problems. And for the past 20 years, his associate Roxanne Meadows, has been working with him, He is well aware the issues that continuously to threaten our way of life. He was found most of these problems has common causes. If we deal with the sources, then the problems associated with them, will begin to disappear. The two of them built a 25 acre research and design center known as The Venus Project, which is located in Venus, Florida. The Venus Project represents a bold new direction for the humanity, and explores alternatives and possibilities to improve our way of life. The actual buildings and conference center allowed the models, illustrations, blueprint posters and video presentations, are the first steps that are being completed, to help one see, feel and touch the future. Over several years, they designed and erected the buildings, and put in landscaping and lakes. Here, technology and the environment coexist in harmony. They build models of their proposed cities, filmed their videos, and produced their books about the future.

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Oct 13, 2012

The Venus Project’s video, Welcome To The Future, presents an attainable vision of what our world could be if we intelligently apply science and technology with environmental and human concern – a future where war, poverty and hunger could be but a distant memory.

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