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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~17:46:05 - 18:01:05

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― We are both small. ― I'm not small! ― You're small! ― You're small too! ― You're small too! ― And you. You're very, very little like a baby! I'm the strongest of us. Stronger than us! You're still not playing! Take that! Zhanna! ― And you. ― One should surrender to boys. ― Girls. ― Girls. ― Girls. One should surrender to girls! Not the boys! The boys, have you forgotten, Ilyas? The girls... One should surrender to girls, not boys. Boys and girls. Surrender to girls. Why do ya butt in? ― Why, Illias? Have you forgotten? ― You're bigger of course! ― And you smoked! ― Shut up! I told you to shut up! Anya has just told... Well... Ilyas, Ilyas, your turn! Your turn. You said not to hit there, ― and where do you hit? ― Why, I don't... Aw! It's not good I will stand up! This is a black one, black. Where? Is this a real one? Where is the black one? ― A black one, where? ― I gave... Ah, I... know, you simply glue it. Right, glue, yesterday I also... Go away, it's my turn. Yes. ― I didn't see it. ― You should do it at once. ― Oh, let's play! ― Play with Zhanna. ― May I play now? ― But you'll play later! ― Ilyas, let him play! Ilyas! ― Girls first... ― Surrender to girls! ― Ilyas, I'll have you gone and you won't play with us! But I will, I'll... There, there, for one. Zhanna! Here, play! Aww! ― Roma! ― What? Bla bla. ― One! ― My character is invincible! ― This is my character! Mine! I do not talk to you! Later he will make you say... This is our... You've been eliminated. But you said for the first time. Then you said I'll catch you once more. You won't! The next time... ― Nope. ― Score! Score into his head! ― I will now. ― Why are you hitting me? ― What are you doing? ― Go and play! Will you play with them? You're a girl, you're a boy! I, I'm Andrey! But you're older! With Andrey I'm first! Your step? Like a cat. ― This is... ― Here you are. Zhanna! Hit my back. Aw! You took it all. It's nothing! Aw. Well done. But she is standing there, move closer! I don't know, I didn't see. Well, she's standing by the grape. After that, I'm... I, you, he... By Zhanna... But I... This was an attack! Will you play? I know. The computer is not free there? ― Deuce. ― Deuce. I'll pull your brains out! Aw! Aw! ― And if I do it now. ― Oh, nothing will come out of it! I couldn't hit you. ― After Zhanna it's my turn. ― Mine After Andrey it's my turn. ― You two. ― Play! ― Yes! ― Andrey! Andrey, I have got the best... Nope, the best is the girl's... And I'm stronger. You're gonna take your bespectacled one! ― Bespectacled. ― Bespectacled. ― Bespectacled. ― Here something doesn't work. ― It works! No, it doesn't! Zhanna, I am after you! But only... There is some dirt there. A bit. Dirt, dirt. Is it my turn? Yes, yes. It's about me... And here... Look. ♪ And you do the same. Roma! Don't distract him! Wow! ― I won. ― You and Zhanna. Zhanna, you and I... A character... A large one. I have... ― Zhanna, let's go! ― Wait a sec! Are you that girl? I don't wanna play♪ I don't know! Don't touch there. Why don't you play there? We said we'd play various games! Everybody will take part. This is the hit... Vasya? ― And you... ― Would you play with the ball? No, knock-out game! ― Vasya, stand up, you'll play with the ball! ― Is there a ball? Yes. It's in the garden or somewhere here. It's in the garden! A new one! It's there. Here. Somewhere here, yesterday... No? And another one. Where is it? No, not here! ― I'll have a look. There! ― Over there! There.... A white one. A new one and there... Wait here, Zhanna! A sec. Hm, I can't stay alone. Wait there, Zhanna! Ilyas! Where is that white ball we played with? Ah? I played... To play, Vasya... She is still filming. Zhanna, let's go and play! ― Come on! ― What about Vasya? ― Vasya doesn't want to. ― Doesn't want to? I will play too! -Zhanna, stand here in the middle! In the middle! Good! Haha! Cut off, cut off! Come on, Roma! Knock down! Zhanna, you can't do that! She is small! ― That's it! ― Nope. Haha! Stay in the middle! Well, now Zhanna and Andrey. Ilyas, stay there for now! Haha, Zhanna! ― Life! ― Stop! Zhanna! Move it, I scored 10. OK, I 'll do it quickly. Still two more times! One! 6,7! Ah, I hit you! ― No! ― There, there, there! ― No! ― I Hit your leg! ― Stand there for now! You two stand in the middle! ― That's it! ― You and me now! ― Where do you look at? ― Aw, mama! Oh! Help them, Andrey! ― Let's switch, Zhanna? ― No! You again... One more time, that's it! Zhanna, I'm the first! Look, but he is out! Not this, he did it! ― 6 times I did it. ― What's up, you're 7! 7, oh yes, 6! You're 6! Zhanna! Catch me! No, don't believe! ― Nobody hit. ― They hit there! Nope. Ilyas, stand closer! Roma move aside! May she also play? Oh Andrey! Mine are slippery! Let's go... We'll play too. Oleg, will you play? ― Vasya, I will be in a team with Oleg! ― And Zhanna with those three! ― Yes! ― Oleg! I am with Zhanna, and you are three, Oleg! Oleg, do you hear me, you're three.. and we're three. Ilyas! You're with me! ― Are we knocking down? ― Yes! ― Come here! ― Oleg! we're in the middle... You're knocking us down. ― Well, and I'm with who? ― In the middle... Zhanna, come on, we're in the middle. ― Ha! ― Oleg! There are two here. Andrey, stand here! Stand here! Roma, stay here!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 102
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 12, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 17:45-18:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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