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Technology Roadmap

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♪ Music Playing in Background ♪ Today businesses of all sizes and all industries are really facing a perfect storm of technology. Whether it's cloud computing, or social media, big data, managed services, there's entirely different ways that are not only necessary, but imperative for businesses to look at consuming, and utilizing technology. Technology has become not just in important operational component to businesses, but also a critical strategic component whether it is internally (focused towards driving efficiency or employee productivity) but externally as it relates to moving into new markets, attracting new clients, and in some cases attracting a different type of worker than you may have traditionally had. The transition in technology today from this operational to strategic movement, is forcing clients to have to take a more progressive, forward thinking look at how they're planning for technology utilization today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Just like you create strategic plans for the organization as it relates to growth or market development, you really need to look to create an appropriate and effective plan to manage and leverage your technology needs as well. Now an average, large business can look at a large consulting company to go find advice; you can spend six or seven figures to get good technology advice and plans and then six or seven figures to implement those. Most small to medium businesses don't have a place to turn like that. You could maybe look to your banker, or your CPA, or your legal team, that you've typically looked for for those types of things but they don't necessarily understand how to strategically apply technology. One of the things that Gordon Flesch has made a significant investment in to bring to their market for the benefit to their customers, is access to a DCIO - a virtual CIO if you will. This is an individual that specializes on understanding the technology needs for small to medium businesses across a variety of industries and the footprint that Gordon Flesch has, and is able to develop and manage customized ongoing technology plans for the needs that an organization we have today and well into the future. And it's a tremendous added value for businesses that otherwise may not have anywhere to turn for that type of advice. ♪ Music Playing in Background ♪

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