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Nadie puede predecir el momento de la revolución

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I see corporatism, fascism, crony capitalism. I don't see a free market, I see a police state, I see an American empire, I see seven hundred military bases in a hundred and thirty-five foreign countries, I see five thousands dead bodies in Iraq, a welfare warfare state which gives out billions of dollars of foreign aid for dictators to build up huge armies. I see America that's lost its way. Republicrats: Republicans and democrats who both pretty much stand for the same thing. I do not see true democracy, I do not hear the voice of the people... Finally, we've risen up. "Mic check, MIC CHECK" Spain, Egypt... You know, is it the dynamic? Is it the time right? You know... Is it the right moment? Is the Zeitgeist there? None of these things we can predict. We've seen what happens when people protest and come out, and march around for a day. This is an opportunity maybe for a new style, for a new shift in power, in the way the people relate to each other. Like I say, I think we're fucked either way but it's worth a shot. I was waiting for this to happen. I knew it would happen because it happened in Europe, and I knew it would spread. This is something that I've been going through internally for a good part of my life now and to see it externalized in the outside world is really a blessing. It's really something I enjoy being a part of. I'm an old timer, so I've been around for four decades at one kind of activism [sic] or another and, you know, so it's been a hope to go after Wall street. Attack it without getting locked up and beaten up and physically beaten up... How do we win? "All month! All year! We're not going anywhere!" It's a process of educating people and educating the world really, that we have to be, first and foremost, altruistic and care for the collective before caring for ourselves. A model should be a growing movement of round table discussions basically. I was arrested two days ago interrogated by police investigators and intelligence. I encourage everyone who is arrested to not speak with these people. They intimidated me, said I would be chained to a wall for a week if I didn't talk. I didn't talk and I'm here right now. The major of New York has a strange position to be in here. He can't go off looking like a... Mubarak or some other middle eastern leader and treat protesters in the same way that they do. And he himself made a comment that if they don't find some jobs for kids, they're going to have a problem like they had in Tunisia, Egypt and other middle eastern countries. The only way that people like us with no power and no money can, at least, try to change things is through social pressure. "All day! All week! Occupy Wall Street!" I don't know how to achieve collective collaboration which we are all striving for but I think it all needs to happen at the same time and you know, we're here making a stand were holding space. To make people conscious, because people are in their houses, comfortable, as long as they have food or they have a house they don't like make the effort to demand their rights. It's about time that people start standing up for a true democracy so we can get rid of the corporate greed. Demands are problematic, and... disempowering, actually. It's about people making things happen rather than expecting like someone else to take care and you could see, this is like a micro-society. It's a model for a new society. It's not a protest in the sense of being against something, it's a way to formulate something new. A mass awareness, a mass realization and awakaning of the masses to the obstruction of justice that has been a part of our lives for too long now, for too long of a time. Hey NYPD, the bankers are stealing from you too. Even though we're so close together, especially in a city like this, and everybody's sort of scared to make that the first step to break through these walls that people put up to make the connections necessary to build a community like this or different, that talks about problems and we all have common problems, common things that we can change to make our lives better. I'm a sixty-year-old Vietnam-era vet who's been working like... irregular hours for a lawyer and the lawyer himself is having financial problems, and he's getting ready to not have me work for him anymore and I'm in trouble. I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do. If you're frustrated, if you're like me and, you know, you see the Tea Party on television and in the news all the time, and you wonder why the hell isn't there a radical left answer to the Tea Party, you should be here. If you have a ton of student debt, like me, you should be here. If you're pissed off and you realize that, you know, if you paid any taxes last year, you paid more taxes than General Electric, the corporation, you should be here. If you want to see something amazing, period, you should be here.

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Posted by: granodearenal on Sep 29, 2011

Reportaje sobre los primeros días del movimiento 'Occupy Wall Street'.

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