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15102020 - Promo Australia

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I'm very happy and excited to announce that we are starting new Kabbalah 1 course on November 4th Wednesday, 8pm Sydney time It's gonna be Live, you of course will get the recordings also you can ask questions , you can take workshops, it's all donation base so pay what you can and this time we are doing it together the most exciting part with my great friend and amazing teacher Yosef Shneor - Yosef: Hi everyone, I'm realy happy and excited to do this course together with you Rıfka, and to teach to Australia We thought you might have some questions like "Why should I study this course?" "What can it give to my life?" and so on... This is why we are going to do on October 28th, Live, FB Live Intro to Kabbalah with an option to have Q&A - so you can send us already questions here in the chat or ask live in the event itself. So eh... so.. so then we can let you know right? Yeah amazing - you can ask you can leave your questions here right in the comments or just prepare them to go live everything you wanna ask, especially about Kabbalah what I get from this course, why it's different from any other spiritual teachings? We are waiting for you, we are excited about it. Great. And another really important piece of information for you to know is, this course is what we call... "Donation Base" - meaning you pay what you can This course usually cost over Eur 100 but now we open it for everyone to be able to join and again you can pay whatever you can so no limitations, no excuses No excuses - No limitations So come join us - See you on October 28th and then November 4th! - Thank you and all our love. Thank you. Bye guys.

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Posted by: kc_israel on Oct 15, 2020

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