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rav berg new moon leo 1987 edited 2017

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On an illusionary level 'Arie' or Leo appears for most people living in the illusion as being a very negative month but in essence it's 'Menachem Av' in essence it is "Arie" of the right column a sharing month. The sharing of most energy To the extent that Mashiach, The Messiah is going to be born that day. On Tet B'Av (9th of Av). In the month of Av. So there are two levels of understanding the same thing and depending where you are if you're in the level of illusion things are of a disaster nature. If you're living, as The Zohar says, with a Chayot Hakodesh know that the same month called Av is not a destructive month It is on the contrary. It is the month that you can take the most advantage or because in that particular month there is more energy coming forward. On that particular month there is so much energy coming forward to the extent that The Mashiach or The Messiah is going to be revealed, is going to be born and revealed on that particular time. On the month of Av it is like the whole atmosphere is electrified It is electrified, it's heavy all around. There's no control, or you can't control it but it exists, it's open, it's present. Why? Because as in the electric bulb what is the pole which brings the light to the pole to the bulb? The right pole or the left pole? Surprisingly enough the manifestation of light in the bulb is brought by the right pole. Not the left. Not the negative pole but the positive pole. Scientists do not understand this crazy creation of Edison, well that's the way it works. The negative pole draws the energy into the bulb but the actual lighting up of the bulb comes through the right pole. The positive pole. Because the positive pole makes manifest energy in this world. Arie, Leo is the manifestation of energy And therefore there is always a lot of energy and therefore The Messiah is going to be born in that month. Because that is the month of enlightment That is the month of revealment. Not in Taurus. In Taurus there is concealment They're both heavy energy months. One is revealed and one is concealed And now we have an answer to another question And also, where we question why do all the planets revolve around the sun? What is the power of the sun? So Shabtai Donnolo in his commentary on the Sefer Yetzirah. explains it very simply. That the sun, and he never, well he may have taken a trip up there but certainly not on a physical level because physically any transport, space vehicle approaching the sun even by 20 million miles away from the sun would be burnt to a crisp So obviously, Shabtai Donnolo must have had some secret space craft that could penetrate straight to the sun and he tells us what the internal characteristic of the sun is. It is not hot It is not cold It is a complete unified whole of all the elements. The sun itself is a completely unified whole. And the reason he says why all of the other planets revolve around the sun? Is because they are all clinging to try to get close to the sun to draw its energy. And we know even on the physical corporeal level without the sun there is no life. The sun provides life for everything that exists. Wether it's the vegetable kingdom, the human kingdom, the animal kingdom even the inanimate kingdom, even the rock kingdom the sun provides the life. Because it's an ever present manifestation of energy. Therefore all of the planets rotate or revolve around the sun. This is the power of the sun This is the power that exists in Av. therefore it is called Av well we ask why is it called father? Because it is the supporter It is the supporter of life. So is the sun it is the furnishing of energy. Therefore it does not have 2 planets only has one. To indicate one unified whole. All of the other five planets that we said have ruled and rule over two planets all the other five rule over two planets. Not the sun because the sun is one unified whole. So within Leo there is one unified whole yet we said, so does that mean that Leo is perfect? yet we see so many negative atributes in Leo Yes. Because there is the physical level the illusionary level the level that says in this month temples are destroyed in this month decrees of an inquisition is signed. Negative month? Yes on a physical corporeal level Ego, arrogancy, everything else of a negative value exists in Leo. However, On another level or the spiritual level that presence of the energy is beneficial if you're not spiritual you can't connect you've got ego, forget it That means no matter whether you're born in the month of Leo you're not born in the month of Leo ego can never connect or permit a connection, as the Ari says with the unified whole or the 'Et Ratzon' of the cosmos Never. The Ari could make that connection and he made that connection because the Ari did not have the ego that normally would exist and since he passed away in Av we know he was born in Av. He did not have that kind of manifestation of arrogance and ego and therefore he could connect with the spiritual level, the real level and therefore for the Ari there was never a 'Churbah' there was never a destruction There was only 'Et Ratzon' Only 'Et Ratzon' only a period of 'Ratzon which means beneficence of the cosmos wishes to become expressed.

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