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2863 6 great places to load your videos

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Having video on your website is a good starting point, but there are many other places where you can use your videos. Load your videos on your tablets or smart phones so that they are easily accessible for your staff, regardless of internet access. There is no limit on the number of your staff who can use the files. so make sure everyone is set and ready to go. In some places, community representatives and patient groups are using tablets, so make sure they don’t miss out. Likewise, add them to your presentations for workshops and seminars. You will need the video files saved on your laptops to get this up and running. To make access easy for patients and service users, load your videos onto a TV in reception. Usually you will put your video on a USB stick that you insert into the rear of the television. If you have to turn the sound down, use a subtitled version of the video. Using a PowerPoint presentation on a loop is a great way of providing an information service and the videos can then be easily mixed with other messaging. Apps are wonderful homes for video. They bring apps alive by adding variety, and because they are housed within the app, playback speed is enhanced incredibly. If you are using a platform like Patients Know Best, then you can add your videos to the care templates so that they can be ‘prescribed’ at appropriate times during the care journey Social media is wide reaching and loves media such as video. So add them to your tweets, load them on your facebook and linkedin pages, and use them in your blogs, newsletters and emails.

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2863 6 great places to load your videos

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