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stitches: a story about passion

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A film by Abdullah Jassin Back in Afghanistan, my father once established a knitting factory for my elder brother. At that time, culture and education prescribed young boys not to just hang around after school. For that reason, my father told me to go and stay with my brother in his factory during my time off. So I kept visiting my brother and by the age of 12 or 13 I was more and more interested in learning the craft. I improved my skills and helped my brother any time I could. After about a year of learning, I was able to lead the whole production if my brother was not around. I reached the degree to educate others, and kept working with my brother as long as we could stay in Afghanistan. After I became a father, I felt the desire of creating stuff by my own for my kids. The first time I asked my son Ossan about what kind of design he wishes he replied "oh no Dad, just leave it, there's no need". Yet when I saw what was available out there, I thought I can give them something with a higher, personal value. So I first made a pullover for myself & after my children saw that it's quite a nice piece of work, all of them - Ossman, Jossof and Ali - immediately asked to make one for them. A lot of times, if there's a lot of stress and pressure in my daily job, or if I'm facing other difficulties in life, I find my self ending up right here in this room & as soon as I start working, all of it is just gone & I'm focussed & calm down. The market out there forces you to buy what they can offer, & you don't have much individual influence on the stuff you buy. I can offer all kinds of individual flexibility. If someone stops by with a picture of a piece of clothing and has some variation in mind, longer, shorter, looser, different patterns, colours - the possibilities are endless. That being said, hand-craft has its own value anyway. Creating a piece of at by your own, no matter what it is, if God gives you the ability to do so, is really a highly satisfying experience. Or if I make a beautiful pullover for my daughter & see how it just shines when she is wearing it, that is the biggest reward. God recently has blessed me with a grandson. And everyone knows how much grandparents adore their grandchildren. Anything I create for him is simply pure joy and fulfilment. If I see him wearing what I made for him, my heart just jumps and laughs.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 4 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Abdullah Jassin
Director: Abdullah Jassin
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Posted by: tinaki on Aug 29, 2014

Stitches is a short documentary about a man who finds hope and tranquillity in a knitting machine, after establishing a life in exile as an Afghan refugee during the Afghan - Soviet war.
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