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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~17:01:44 - 17:16:45

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-Edith! -Yes! Mom, Mom, Mommy... [Babytalk.] -What are you doing? -We were just escorting someone. Wait, let me pass, ok? -Yes. -Wait a bit. [Babytalk] [Babytalk] -Edith! -Hello... -Oh, hello. -Can this baby read? -She says "mother". -Jane, please come. Get the bananas and share them among the kids. Edith, go and share the bananas among the kids. Edith will give you the bananas.. Play "Chipapapa". Jane, what are you saying? -Edith, can we play "Chipapapa"? -Sure. -I understand what she's saying. -Can you play "Chipapapa"? -Edith...."Chipapapa". -"Chipapapa"? -Mom! -What is it? -Mom, here. [Singing a song] "Chipapa-papapa, chipapapa". "Chinyunyu-nyunyunyu, chinyunyunyu". "Chigogo-gogogo, chigogogo". "Mom sleeps here, Dad sleeps here, Don sleeps here". "Chiradzulu sleeps here, Gift sleeps here..." What are you doing? Let's sing songs from your school. "Frog has stepped on the jacket, he fell down". "Frog fell from the jacket, he fell down with a noise". "Frog fell from the jacket, he fell down with a noise". "Frog fell from the jacket". -Another song. -What? Another song? -"Baby John is crying". -Yes, now go and stand over there. She passed by her in-law near the road. "Baby John is crying, knees and toes". "My head hurts, my head hurts". "My head hurts". "Knees and toes". -"Go, go". -Not that one. -"An old person's walk..." "Granny sent me, an old person's walk". -No, Edith don't sing. So which one should I sing? Umm..."The water washed away the bike". "The water went with the bike, the bike went with the water". "The water went with the bike". "Olire, olire, the water washed the bike away". "The bike went with the water, yes". "Olire, olire, the frog fell from the jacket". "Frog fell with a noise". -In the tin? -"Frog fell from the jacket. Frog fell with a noise". Do they say, "Frog fell from the jacket"? Let's sing, "Water is here"! -Lindiwe used to say the alphabet when she was in that other school. -Can we now sing, "Water is here"? -"Water is here, water is here". She could even say, 'bye, bye mother' but now she can't. -Naomi is better off now. Tomorrow I'll sing from school. Come and watch me sing. Tomorrow's a holiday, there's no school. We all haven't showered. He's going to Mkwela. -Let's now sing, "Water is here". -Not that one but "Dismiss us, teacher, we're hungry." I'm singing "Dismiss us, teacher, we're hungry." Is that the one? Yes, "Dismiss us, teacher, we're hungry". "Dismiss us, teacher, we're hungry". "We're hungry, we're hungry, we're hungry". Edith, can you put these things inside? Today is the last day, you'll sleep after midnight. Help each other carry that water basin into the house. -Umm, umm.. -Edith can you say... -Umm... "Calender, calender!" "Calender, calender!" "January, February..." -But... -"October..." -Edith, put the basin inside. -"November..." -Memory, can you help your friend? Get inside and light up the match. -"November ..." -At the corner... -There's no candle there. -I put the candle on... -"November..." -No! -Edith... -"January, February..." -Where are the candles? -Stop. Edith will check from the cupboard. -"March, April, May..." -"...October, November..." -And? -...and Sunday! -October and Sunday? "Frog, frog!" Memory, sing along. Let's sit inside the house. Edith, will you put the basin carefully? -Like this? -Yes, thank you. Push them inside the fence. Right now? -Did someone lock the door? -You could be reading. -We forgot. -They're still outside, Edith. Now we can play. Whose family is this? It looks as if it's... This is our country. Now read. [A song] "Family, you don't have anything to do". -Get this... -What's there? -"Groups of vegetables", here. Let me read about gender. Leaf vegetable, legume vegetable, fruit vegetable, root vegetable. [Reading] "One day..." -"...Maluli...Malu..." -Maluli. "Maluli called his dogs". "I have some things for sale". "Were you hunting in that forest..." Let me see? -Don't help me. -Are you sure? -"Compost manure..." It's written, "Compost manure". "Long hair". "The boys digging the garden have long, thin hair". "We call one boy Kasuko". "His friend whose hair looks as if..." "...he looks as if he used..." -How do you read this word, Edith? [Song] "Balinkede..." Wow, but... Is that for three people? -Yes. -So what'll be next? Memory, can you take care of that one? And let me finish this one? Chapter six: "Kantepa" "Panali and a certain girl". "I want to tell you all". -Is that Chapter 6? -No! This is Chapter 5. Is there a chapter there? "Kan'thepsyu and his friends". Don't I have a red pen in here? Did I lose it? Read those other words. "Is that Kante...? Kante..." -Kantepa. -"Sit down, I'm making threads for the trap..." -Is it here? -I thought it was chapter 6? -It's here. -"...Namulere, please get..." -Continue reading about Namulere. "Namulere can you get...?" "...a hoe for clearing the field" "...twine for making trap hooks..." -Edith! We should make traps. "A long time ago, we didn't have a garden". "Come, we'll help you with the plaiting". -Is it? -Yes. "Do girls also..." " jobs meant for men?"

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