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The First Christmas Project

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So christmastime is here again a time of laughter in cheer. Time for spending precious moments with those down here and dear. A time for family to come together round the table to sit and give to those less fortunate than you, except... that's BULLSHIT The true meaning of Christmas today is that materialism and consumption has become a way to validate a measure your social standing amongst your family and friends by how many gifts you get and how much they cost. That is how we gauge our most important relationships to our nearest and drearest today. Because we all know this is not what Christmas should be about that we feel obligated by the pressure tradition and marketing to spend huge amounts of money on endless reams of crap to show how much we care for example the UK spent sixteen point seven billion on Christmas gifts in 2010 a staggering amount that would feed all love the billion people starving to put simply is time to wake up and smell what we shuffle in such waste first Christmas all about have you ever tried to express the true meaning of Christmas I have and I must say it was the best damn Christmas I ever had last year he said a buying me presents a Christmas I asked my family and friends to please either give the money they would have spent on me to a charity of their choice some very happy to sable children having music therapy last Christmas and slightly less crap at the landfill site we humans are not all that that you know we've just been conned into thinking that collecting endless possessions and measuring ourselves by how much we people well no it won't like that's all you came to this planet to do consume it the truth is that we love giving to each other and for no other reason than the joy it brings to our fellow human beings there is nothing more pleasurable in life that to help and give to others especially those less fortunate than yourself and let's make this Christmas one to remember site how do you get involved the first christmas is easy to get involved with and cost nothing simply click on the link given in the description for this go to the Facebook profile page and follow the instructions to at the first Christmas logo badge to your Facebook profile picture indicating to your friends and family that this year you would rather they give what they would have spent on you to someone more in need them yourself doing it and the other the more people who share the logo and this page the more others will pluck up the courage to come forward so please feel free to spread the word far and wide but no one ever made things better for Humanity by putting up with the way things are they got up off their arse bucked the trend thing to do and value your integrity and what is stopping you go for it you are what you do not what you say thank you for your support

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Duration: 3 minutes and 51 seconds
Year: 2012
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Producer: James Phillips
Director: James Phillips
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Posted by: tzmgermany on Dec 6, 2013

The first Christmas' is easy to get involved with and costs nothing. Simply click on the following link: and follow the instructions to add 'The first Christmas' logo badge to your Facebook profile picture, indicating to your friends and family that this year you would rather they give what they would have spent on you, to someone more in need than yourself. From there feel free to include a personal message explaining why you are doing it and your there! - This is the working-location for translations. Completed translations can be found here:

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