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Is time travel possible? Sadhguru

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Is time travel possible? Particularly when you hear that Babaji has been living for a thousand years in Himalayas and so on it's become somebody said something about Babaji way back now everybody has started talking about him. They've started making movies about him everybody started seeing him everywhere the reason why I always refrain from speaking of anything that is not yet in people's experience is because people have no hold or no control over their imagination. They will become very hallucinatory ninety percent of the religion has become hallucinatory because people have no control over their imagination. isn't it? the most stupid will see it first The intelligent will sit there and wonder what the hell is happening but the most idiotic people will see the angels and gods and everything instantly yes or no? yes or no? is this the reality or not? simply because they have no hold over their imagination. It just flies! immediately they start seeing. They're not lying They start seeing because they have no control over their imagination so I don't want to speak about Babaji as such because too much has happened in his name but is such a thing possible? there have been many yogis in the past who is still on in some ways They retain the subtlest part of their body intact and just let it be whenever they feel it's necessary they are capable of recreating their whole body. This is called as Nirmana kaayas such people are known as Nirmana kaayas who recreate their own body Gauthama the buddha is supposed to be one of the nirmana kaayas. There are many others who recreate their own body as it was then a youthful body as they liked it may be this is hundred years later or thousand years later or whatever number of years because number of years is not at all the issue what you call as time is for this body, one kind of time. For another body, another kind of time. Isn't it? See, for your body ten years means this much; Twenty years means that much; Thirty years means this month seventy years means that much. it's like this suppose you take a dog your one year maybe fifteen years for him in his experience. isn't it? if you take an insect maybe your one day is fifty years for him; because in two days he'll be gone so the experience of time; on the way life experiences time is very different in the life of this planet Hundred years maybe just a second. We don't know the calculation but it's very small. isn't it? so this is not just from human perspective it is not about comparing everything to our lifetime and coming to it even in the perspective of that creature's life it is so maybe not the same way as we calculate but it's different in its perspective so once you cross the limitations of the actual physicality and the logical mind mhm.. time is not issue. Even now, you will see right now twenty one minutes of sitting there for Shambavi... this is hurting...that is hurting...everything is hurting what is not hurting? everything is hurting. You'll see once you get into a certain state of experience within you you sit there if you sit there for one hour.. two hours... it feels like a minute time has always been a relative experience even in your life... in the normal process of life itself on a particular day, you are very happy twenty four hours just passed off like that..isn't it? another day, you are unhappy twenty four hours feels like a year. isn't it? So time is always a relative experience. As your energies get more intense you will see time just flies faster and faster if you're in a very intense state twenty four hours feels like just a minute it just goes I think they were just playing with two thousand and four events. Did you see what's packed into one year? that's not all of it..So because when you live intensely within yourself one year just...goes like a whiz... you don�t know what's happening...before you turn around and see years are just gone; because you live intensely As you become more and more intense in your experience you'll see time goes off like this so once you have dropped your physical body the earthy body that you picked up from the planet now...certainly, time is not an issue what you think as hundred years later is nothing is just a moment later so may be just a moment later, he came back but you think he came back five hundred years his experience he just turned around and came back but in your experience, it is five hundred years later so the more I talk about it the more nonsensical it'll become because there is a point beyond which you cannot speak logically today, do you know modern science is talking about physio-logic Physio-logic means no logic but they're unwilling to admit that they're becoming illogical it's a shame for a scientist to be illogical so they're discovering new words and they are saying it's fuzzy logic. If it is fuzzy, it's not logical. isn't it? so if we speak anymore on this, we'll become fuzzy

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru if time travel is possible. Sadhguru briefly discusses yogis that can retain their subtle body intact and are capable of recreating their original bodies. (AO85)

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