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Ian Xel Lungold 3: MAYAN Calendar

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Mayan Calender & End of Time - Ian Xel Lungold Oh, excuse me. this is Ian, Lungold. shit. excuse me..just clearing my, expression here. Ok so, we're continuing with the 'mayan calender', now.. I've, been communicating about much that have been 'professed', about the 'end of time' and, the end of the 'world' and, the end of humanity. and 'the end' is always heard of, and the end is always 'predicted' and, even in the mayan calender, during..'way back', it has been, 'predicted'. But I wouldn't say, predicted I would say rather 'placed certainly'. Because of their ability to See, the universe, the human beings the out-flow of events, and of course.. the realization that, everything is rather, 'pre-programmed' but what is the definition of pre-programmed but, 'preordinated', as well. and that we're all, actually living, what has already been manifested, or designed or placed. But wasn't, but what I have ended off within my previous interview is 'what has not been expected' is.. What Happens when Everything Ends? That is the question many beings asked: 'what happens? what becomes of us?' 'Who will we Be? what will we Do? Does everything Really-End?' and... I would say the following: the end, is perceived to be, that, everything, becomes destroyed to Nothing, that nothing will exist that, the trees will be lost that, the world will be lost, the universe will be lost that, human beings won't 'exist' anymore. and to a certain extent..that is true. But wait! what has Not been expected, is that there exists.. 'Something', at the end. At the end of time, at the end of the world at the end of human beings..which the mayan calender could not, 'equate', could not..'understand'. and therefore the mayan calender 'ends'! Because, what exists, 'us'. What 'Remains', is Who We Are. and..'who we are' is not defined, by this world It's not defined by, the universe, not defined by other human beings. It's not defined by Earth. It's not defined by 'any-thing' that exists in existence for that matter. and, at the moment the mayan calender was linked, or equated, and designed and and manifested according to, the defin- the self-definition of each human being 'in this world'. Their lives, their their preordained experience of themselves, and.. For every beginning there is an end, yes. But who we are, 'is' the beginning and 'is' the end. (smile) fascinating, and.. the mayan calender in terms of, the 2012 prediction. What is that prediction but, the end of, 'the beginning'. and, the end of what we have, designed and allowed ourselves to participate in, 'in this world' as preordained, pre-programmed, mind consciousness 'systems'! Which is what we've, allowed and accepted ourselves to 'become' and and it's not only 'us' you know, it's everything because we, we're in it! We're as it! and, basically the end the mayan calender 'predicts' is, the End, of this Pre-Programmed, Mind Consciousness, 'Existence'! But what is, the end is completely not understood, it means the end of what we've all, in entirety of what have accepted and allowed, the end of much things. But it doesn't mean the 'end all' you know, it doesn't mean 'The End'. Or maybe it will, we don't know. (smile) No we actually do because I know 'I am Here', and.. I'm not defined by anything or anyone so, whatever happens I'm, 'I remained'. and that is the realization that each human being, has is required to overcome. If you want to call it that. What you have to do is you have to let go of this world, you have to let go of the universe, you have to let go of..human beings. You have to let go of relationships. Because otherwise it's going to be tough, it's going to be really tough. In terms of what exists, and how it exists in existence at this very moment, it will stop. It Won't exist like this anymore, because, who's changing? Not 'We' - we've always been-here, but What We Have Allowed and Accepted in terms of a Complete 'Pre-Programmed Designed, Mathematically-Equated Existence' = it Ends! Because it's not infinite, it's it's a program that's running ran- it's running randomly! And All are involved yet - I'm Here and we have the ability to Re-direct and Change it. and, that's exactly what we're doing, at this moment but, Why change it? why not just stop it? I, I am Here! I am a statement of that. So, what I would suggest for this process that is ahead human beings is to look at what..what you've defined yourself according-to because, Remember one thing: You Are Everything That Exists You're just not defined-by even the 'own' Manifested Existence and 'Creation' of Yourself (smile) It's interesting hey? I mean have you ever looked at it from that perspective? I haven't. you know, you look at everything you say: 'it's me!' but, it's me yet I'm not defined 'by-me' even as a Manifested Expression. Because, if I would 'Define' myself to 'this world' how limited would I be? What would exist? only the world would exist. Have a look, have a look at what you've defined yourself as, or to? That's the only point that exists in your 'whole world', have a look That's all that remains, and that's all that exists and human beings seemed to fear to give such things up To which they've defined themselves as because, They think they'd have nothing they'd be 'nothing', that's sad. Because you're already 'nothing', because you've defined yourself to one singular point or one singular manifestation in this world. So human beings..what I wanted to say is that, it hasn't been expected that there.. It's the same thing, of about death. You know not many beings, who believe that there exist something after death. Yet there does, that there exists something, 'after an end' yet there does. and.. I'd say that is what we're required to find out, right?. What exists at the end, what exists as the mayan calender predicts 2012 as the end? I'm Here so let's find out! Thank you very much, this is Ian Lungold. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin. CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Ian Xel Lungold speaking through the Interdimensional Portal

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