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God Damn it Conner! Hey, hey what the hell you doing? No, that's all you ever play! I'm tired of that shit. Listen to this, classic. Roxanne. Oh my God you're such a bitch! What, I just fixed it! You know I've Actually got no problem with this. Yeah, you know. This is fine. Am I the only straight guy in here? Give me the Aux cord, give me the aux cord! Oh what is this? Can I have it back please? Just one more song? No. Okay listen to this if you don't like it I'll turn it off & be done with the music. Thank you. Don't fuck it up. I'm not gonna fuck it up. And you fucked it up. What do you mean? You're not a fanilow? I don't even know what a fanilow is. No, I'm not a fucking fanilow. Can we just turn the music off, and accept that we're not gonna get along? Fine we had a deal. There. Donnie. Hey Donnie! Yeah? You having any luck with the opposite sex? You know, I guess it's going. You corndog devil you, who is she? Anybody we know? Maybe. You guys know, Sheila O'Brien? Now, sounds like you've got the hots for the APAP herself Donnie. What's an APAP? What's an APAP? An APAP Donnie is a girl whose personality enables her to be about ten times more attractive than she actually is. This Sheila Brand. She's a seven or so based on her looks. But that APAP shit, makes her a solid nine. But, what does it mean? Nevertheless, Donnie these APAPs they'll run you around. They're trickier than the metric system, and that shit will change your ethnicity. You see they aren't like most girls, Donnie. They actually have substance and a brain. Which actually makes them pretty rare in today's society. If they're so rare in todays society than why are there more and more woman leaders. Okay, name one. Name one woman leader! I don't know Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Wonder Woman for God's sake! Okay Wonder Woman, let me tell you about Wonder Woman. She's nothing but a propaganda bomb to make women feel better about equality. Guys! The APAP? You were telling me about the APAP. Look at me Donnie. I'm a relatively handsome guy, am I not? No, you're not. Takes me about thirty to get an average chick into bed with me. But an APAP, I need at least two weeks! Let me tell you a story, Donnie. Two years ago, I asked out Linda King. Now, she was like the A1 for APAPs. I mean just put all the others to shame. But anyways, we're going out on this date, back and forth, socializing and clicking. And then all of a sudden she starts talking about music and politics. All this stuff I don't care about! I mean this was the first time that I've been figuratively caught with my dick in my hand. I had to go home and flog the dolphin for two hours to even feel better. It was church camp all over again. Let me tell you, Donnie. Let me tell you. You know I had a very similar situation with an APAP once actually. No way, who? It was you're sister! No I kid, I kid. It was his mother! No lie though, but an APAP actually did do the same shit to me last week. Really? One difference though. She actually did catch me with my dick in my hand! But, do you understand the moral of the story, Donnie? I got something, but tell me if it's wrong cause I don't know for sure. Is it, if you're gonna go for a girl with substance, excuse me an APAP. Make sure your brains and her brains are in the same weight class first? No. No not at all. The moral of the story is to always go for girls with less brains than you. because then you can get them into bed easier and there is no issue about dominance in the relationship. Amen. You've got a lot of problems don't you?

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Posted by: ethandq80 on Oct 3, 2017

Five degenerate teenagers are driving in a car together. Donnie, the least seasoned of the group, receives an education regarding women, and the paradigm that makes them more or less attractive.

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