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Dear, Occupy w_ Love, Zeitgeist _3ofX_ A Lesson To Remember

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This is a doctor who lived in the mid 1800's who performed child births. Through a series of events Ignaz Semmelweis, and please excuse my lack of Hungarian pronunciation, realized a pattern; that there was a relationship with the transfer of disease and the fact that the doctors of the time never washed their hands after performing autopsies. The doctors of the time would handle dead bodies in the lower elements of the hospitals and then they would go up and they would perform child births without washing their hands. So, this doctor realizing this pattern started to tell his colleagues about it. He's like, "hey, you know you should wash your hands before doing this." He was laughed at and ignored. He published papers and they were dismissed and ridiculed. And after many years of trying this issue he was finally committed to a mental institution. Where he died. It was many years after his death when Louis Pasteur developed the Germ Theory of Disease that his observations were finally understood and people realized what a horrible mistake had been made. People tend not to criticize the social order because they are bound within it. Its like they're in a game and the idea of questioning the integrity of the game itself rarely occurs. In fact members of society often become so indoctrinated by their socially acceptable norms that each persons very meaning is framed by the dominate established value system. And the interpretation of new information is consciously, or even subconsciously prefiltered to be consistent with their prior biases.

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Posted by: tzmgermany on Nov 9, 2011

An excerpt from 'Social Pathology' by Peter Joseph

This a new series that will attempt to wet some whistles.

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