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Gabon -- Citizens Reject Ali Bongo Despite French Backing

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... But if you watch the death there, all parents will protest.. even here in Guinea, there were some guys who broke the shops ... which have caused a lot of trouble here because they did not want the eh-eh (the new president) the new president. but if we show now and they said the number of death, that could have brought even more trouble. that's the problem, so they are forced to hide! First of all , I really do not agree .. in the way he took, he took the power. and we are really against France because we've been told that. It is France which is for, because they accepted this, they are the ones who engineered this really, this admission because it really does not come from the people. it really hurts, it been two days, maybe. I had a stomach ache because I did not expect him ... that he was the one who was going to take over the power, you know! How we live? with real rats we no longer want it, we really do not accept this .. we are really hurt, we are really sick at heart, the French must know that we are sick at heart. he should have never been elected he should have never been elected , it hurts us bad especially me here deep in my heart, I am hurt so much but I do not even know how to express it, it hurts most of them if you ask the people Many people will tell you that really can lift AC because it bubbles there are people who are dead there are people who are dead Well, they are killing people right now and they are lying they are lying that, there is not dead, there are several dead In any case, there can be, there have been but can not be counted there are not three that were told on TV but I know there are more because people have protested their anger that, they really did not accepted the fact that he won they also killed that child because till now, they have not found the body and yet that child was not among the children who protested It was just in front of his portal and they shot him and they picked up his body until now, the parents do not know where the body is where did the body go? why because you don't have to say, I don't want this we must accept because the person, the person must be conditioned is a way to condition people We are in slavery. In any case,I know that there is no independence with France, there is no independence because the victory was stolen This victory was not for his, they plotted, they cheated but... we are in danger ... because we can not show our anger can not express what you feel when we wants to express, we get killed, we get shoot upon it's been about two weeks ago was collected bullets, bombs atrimogene, we had to go home, we have the little children because what the person is not entitled to express his feelings we are not obliged to accept this we are prisoners more,we were colonized by France, but France ran France, deals with its profits the proof is that when there was this uprising at port gentil that what it did, France ah took care of the french citizens. it prefers to see all the people killed, died because there is its profits it organized its departure because when you look at the newspaper we do not know how France did it to have the result before they had before the rate before the election was proclaimed in what we see, we follow France 24, it is still awake we follow the France 24, which passes on the... how it does not bind as the lawyer most recently was on TV followed the he can not even say that he will put all the children of former presidents into power that not normal because when he came to power, he said he had to change everything it should have no longer did the "how it's called 'the cooperation former cooperation with former presidents the stuff before but instead now we see he is back in it because he cares less a person who works, who has 80 thousand(Gabon currency) a month base salary who planned how he must rent, must pay eh a house and when you look at the taxi, they tell you that the amount is 2.500 What you can do with 2,500 per month for the taxi for a taxi, a room costs 50,000 francs here, look at the roofs where we live a country full of wealth, you can rent a single room here! here! these three rooms with each person renting one room a whole family lives in a room with a lounge is it that normal we had to have Cities, there must have be adequate all but .. Here there are the rats there is disease, see how the water flows here and there we live in the pigsty and yet we must also accept that the dictatorship is a dictatorship, France in any case France encourages this you do not eat to your hunger you do not eat what you want Why? Because what, wages are low and life is really expensive we just can not live like that, France must arrange this problem because if France does not help this here It going to be serious that our houses are incoming .. it must be bubbly because the population is scared, because if the population arise the military, across will shoot people there are many people who are dead, why they are hiding we must try to film all this and send you to the Net you can see where people live Gabon is said to be full of oil, manganese, uranium,and soon iron and look! Even the city here we do not know where the city begins nor where it ends there's no city , we do not live we do not have cities, we do not have cities

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Duration: 6 minutes
Country: Gabon
Language: French (France)
Producer: Bruno Ben Moubamba
Director: Bruno Ben Moubamba
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Posted by: gouaf on Oct 10, 2009

Ordinary citizens of Gabon express disgust at their votes being stolen by Ali Bongo, who then ordered the military to shoot protesters.

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