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Peter Beter Audio Letter 1 - Topic 1

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This is the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R), Box 16428, Ft. Worth, Texas 76133 Hello my friends, this is Dr. Beter speaking. Today is June 21, 1975, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 1. A lot of things have been happening lately that probably have you concerned and puzzled--things like the Mayaguez affair, the prospect of financial collapse of New York City with domino effects throughout the economy, and so on. And all of these things are important, but what I hope to do in my monthly reports to you is to try to focus your attention squarely on the most basic developments. Understanding these most basic matters will, I believe, enable you increasingly to grasp the significance of details in the news yourself; and once the American public can see through the daily diet of clever, subtle propaganda which is served up by the major media as news when it really is not news at all, then the jig will be up for those who are trying to take our country and our freedom away from us. In this AUDIO LETTER I therefore want to discuss just three topics: No. 1--An important matter concerning evidence in the FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL No. 2--Recent indications from President Ford that the plans for ECONOMIC DEPRESSION AND DICTATORSHIP in America are still on track, and No. 3--An introduction to our next President and would-be-Dictator, NELSON ALDRICH ROCKEFELLER. First, about Fort Knox. You know, the Fort Knox Gold Scandal is just like the Watergate Scandal in one respect: There is a desperate cover-up going on right now just as happened with Watergate. The Fort Knox Gold Scandal cover-up really passed the point of no return last September when the United States Treasury perpetrated the Fort Knox gold inspection hoax in an attempt to discredit my charges that there's no gold in Fort Knox because it had all been illegally removed. Since that time the Government has been getting in deeper and deeper and deeper, involving more and more people in all sorts of maneuvers to try to keep the lid on. For example, when the Congressmen and newsmen visited Fort Knox last September, news stories promised everybody that the visit would be followed up by an audit of the Fort Knox gold by the General Accounting Office, but what they actually did was just a very superficial exercise just to make the record look good, and the group of 15 men that did it had only two (2) General Accounting Office representatives on it. All the rest were from the Treasury itself--in other words, the fox went into the henhouse to count our chickens for us. And then there was the fraudulent Gold Auction on January 6 of this year in which the Treasury sold some gold obtained illegally a month earlier from the small Exchange Stabilization Fund. Only a fraction of the Fund's gold was sold in January; now they're about to follow that up with a second fraudulent gold sale on June 30, 1975, using part of what is still left over barring unforseen developments to prevent the sale, and so on. But to me one of the most disturbing things we have unearthed lately came as a complete surprise to me, since it involves none other than Senator Barry Goldwater of all people! Senator Goldwater has in his possession some very sensitive and important papers which explain in detail how the Nation's gold could be easily removed from Fort Knox and spirited away, which I charge has been done! These papers consist of the manuscript of an unpublished book about Fort Knox which was being written by the late Mr. Stanley Tatom. Tatom was a mechanical engineer and was stationed at Fort Knox as an Army Major in the 1942 to 1943 time period. Major Tatom was in charge of some secret but major modifications of the Fort Knox Gold Depository at that time--modifications whose purpose was to make gold retrieval easier. On April 28, 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited Fort Knox to view the progress of this work. After the war, Tatom returned to civilian life as a mechanical engineer and businessman. Now, Tatom probably knew more than any other man on earth about the Fort Knox Gold Retrieval System, and years later he decided to write a book about it; but he never got to finish polishing it up for publication because in October 1973 he died on an operating table under some very strange, mysterious circumstances! One story is that he bled to death for lack of availability of blood of his type, even though the operation was not an emergency one. And it was only the following month, November 1973, that the final huge shipment of gold out of Fort Knox began, taking until early March 1974 before the shipment was completed. Now Tatom had become friendly with Senator Goldwater some years prior to his death, and Goldwater knew all about the book and obtained the manuscript to read it. In particular, Senator Goldwater has the crucial Chapter 12 which gives the details on the Retrieval System--but he seems to be sitting on it and I just can't understand what he is waiting for. So far he won't even answer the letters and telegrams that have been sent to him on this subject. Why?? Where is Chapter 12 on Fort Knox, Senator Goldwater? Mind you now, I'm not accusing Senator Goldwater of being a part of this gold thievery in any way, not at all. The Fort Knox gold theft is a project of the four Rockefeller Brothers and their accomplices from start to finish! But my question is: Why isn't Goldwater doing anything with this vital information he has in his possession? Doesn't he know how significant it is? Doesn't he still care what happens to America? Has he become afraid of the Rockefellers like so many other Senators and Congressmen? Or has he decided to join the false opposition, working secretly with the Rockefellers behind the scenes? Does he think he sees the handwriting on the wall for America as written by the Rockefeller Dynasty? I would like to have the answers to these questions from Senator Goldwater himself.

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Dr Peter Beter Audio Letter 1, June 21, 1975; Topic 1 :
An Important Matter Concerning Evidence In The Fort Knox Gold Scandal

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