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Târg Culinar Cluj-Napoca

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In the yard of Ethnographic Museum, the interested ones could purchase a variety of sweets and food. The market was organized on the last weekend. The customers were free to choose from a great variety of cold meats: spicy and sweet sausages, bacon, ham, different types of salami at good prices and a good quality. The most appreciated product which I forgot to mention it earlier were the pork scraps. There was a man which wanted to buy pork scraps but, unfortunately, the suply was over and I tried to convince him to buy the cream of pork scrapes which is, in my opinion, as delicious as the scrapes. Therefore, the most wanted products were the ones that cannot be bought from shop centres. In order to obtain a delicious bacon, we need to grow up the pig. My clients ask me often how it can be so tasty. I always tell them that it must became tasty as early as it may be found on the pig's back. What does that mean? It means that pig must be very well nourished. In this way, bacon will be really tasty. Some people bring pigs from west which were nourished with chemicals and then they ask themselves why the bacon isn't tasty. Of course, both bacon and meat will be made of water and will be tasteless. If we will consume these chemicals, our health will be affected. The Gastronomical Market was organized during the Night of Museums event, which lasted 3 days. There were present many producers. Beside different types of jam, syrup and apples, customers had the possibility to choose between: wines, cheeses, sausages, cookies, and even jewelry. There were many types of jam: plum, apricot, blueberry, dandelion, and quince jam. There were also many types of honey: lime, locust, canola, and sunflower honey. The event lasted from Friday till Sunday and producers brought traditional sweets and food, like goulash soup, kurtos kalaks and a variety of wines.

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Year: 2016
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Posted by: szeplakizita on May 8, 2016

Târg Culinar Cluj-Napoca

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