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EN - Stephany Hettwer - DateATon 2018

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[♪ music ♪] Hi, everybody. It's Stephany from Wisconsin. I wanted to come to you today and share some incremental sales ideas with you. One thing that I'm so super excited about is 70 Years of the Party. And one of the things I'm doing at my annual parties is I am offering, with a $70 order, the ability to purchase one of our great utensils for just $5.

So a lot of you are going to say how does that happen? So what I do is—how I get it for that price— is I have a lot of in-home parties. And at those in-home parties, a $1,000 party, you get three half price items. And a lot of times, those hostesses— they'll take one, maybe two, and there's a third one left over. And when those ship to you, I utilize the effect that I can use one of those and get our utensils at half price. So that's how I build my inventory of utensils.

And what I do is when I'm at the party, after we're done, I let everybody know that with a $70 order today, they can come up to my table and they can pick one of our great utensils for just $5, and they can walk out the door with it today. So it's just a really great idea to let those people who want all kinds of stuff— or get them to that next level of order, sales order— to get something extra for a really great price. So that's kind of how I do it. So that is my idea with a little extra incremental sale at your party.

The next thing I'm going to talk to you about is a lot of you have seen this. It's called the Party in a Bowl. And what we do is it's two catalogs, two flyers, and 10 order forms. So this here would go along with your bowl. And this is my Thatsa Bowl. And you can be using any bowls that are on sale, that you can sample— any which way that you're going to use the bottom bowl.

So this is how I started my bowl party. In your Sales Aids, you have trinkets and gadgets that you can be using, such as the little Mini. I use Tupper Minis, Small Wonders, Snack Cups. And I put 10 of those items into this bowl.

And what I do is my hostess is going to take the bowl. So she's going to take this bowl. And for every order, so when somebody orders, they get to pick an item out of her bowl. And when she comes back to me with 10 orders, she is going to be able to keep the big bowl for herself. So at the end, she's also going to receive all of the sales credit from her order. So she's going to receive that as well.

So when you're at the party and you're giving your hostesses little rewards, this is her little reward coming back to her. And it's a really great way that if you can't get them to do an in-home party, maybe you can get them to do a bowl party. So this is just kind of where I started out. This is the little bowl. Right now, I haven't been in in a couple years, so I've gone into a different angle on this.

So a lot of times, these bowls you can get as a buy one get one free. So typically, I would take one and put it in my kit, and the other one I would put away for my bowl parties.

So the annual party is always the most important party that you want to do because it's where you make your most money. But we all know that the annual party is not always something that somebody will do. So I will turn to these bowl parties.

And what I've done is through sampling, through receiving rewards from your team, maybe your Director, your Business Leader, maybe your manager, you receive rewards. Maybe it's just a Big Wonder, or a Cereal Bowl, or an All-in-one Shaker. I will fill this with things that I've spent little to no money on, so that I can reward with bigger items.

So typically, this is a little bigger of an item. So you may go with a little bigger of a challenge. So with a $50 order— so basically, it's your two catalogs, two flyers, and 10 order forms, same as what it is with the little one— the only difference is you're using big items. So these items are valued between $5 and $6. Some are a little more, like this one's $12. But maybe I received that at a meeting, so it's nothing that I had an expense for.

With a $50 order, they get to take something out of your bowl. And the bowl is is that your hostess can come back and receive her bowl for free. And a $29 bowl—that's a huge reward. And a $50 order, you can change that up. You can do a $50 order—this year, it's $70. So it's 70 Years of the Party. You can do it that way.

You can do it for every $50 in sales. So if you have a customer that spent $100, potentially, they get to pick two items. Your goal is to bring back 10 order forms and have $500 in sales because that's our standard party. And she's going to get great rewards at that $500 level. So that is another idea that I had, so the Party in a Bowl. So starting out as a new Consultant, I would go with this one and just find little gadgets and things that you can add to it.

The other thing that I'm currently spending a lot of time on is fundraising. Fundraising is something that is done all around the world and for many different causes. So the one thing I want to go over is how to get the most out of your fundraisers and how to approach somebody about a fundraiser.

So one of the things I do is I meet with an organization, and I kind of get a little bit of feel of how much money do they want to make, how many people are participating in the fundraiser. Our fundraiser program is absolutely amazing. We have, typically, I've found, 30 to 31, 35 items in our fundraiser catalog. And the one benefit to that is there's no shipping charge for these people that are ordering. So that's one thing people love, is no shipping. So it's something that I always implement in. And 40% going to the organization.

So this is our current flyer. The great thing is is when you show them, you want to make sure that you're showing them— it's going to show the people who are ordering too— how much they're giving to the group. So what I've done is this. So I'm going to give you just a configuration of however— so I take this flyer. And typically, in a fundraiser, you're going to say that— you're going to give this to somebody and you're going to say, I'm looking at each person selling $150 in sales.

Well, that's a little intimidating. So if you said, oh, here's the flyer, and we're looking to have everybody sell $150 in sales out of here, and then we'll reach our goal, it's intimidating. People are like, oh, no, I don't know if I can do that. So I'm just going to give you a very generic basic introduction.

So I met with my group, and they decided that they wanted to make $4,000. With $4,000, and they have 100 students. So when you look at that, that's about $10,000 in sales. So what I've done is I've taken this. And the average item being about $20. Every flyer is just a little bit different—up, down.

The thing is you want to keep it at a area where it's going to be successful. So you don't want to take it and divide this— so let's say we have 31 items, and add up all the totals and divide it— because that number's going to be high. There are items that are high, that are low. And we want to make sure that we're leaving this in an aspect that's realistic.

So $20 an item. That's what we're going to say. It's $20 an item. You have 100 students, and you need $10,000 in sales. Now we could say each kid needs to go out and sell $100. But let's do it this way. Each person— when they go out and sell five items out of this flyer, that will allow us to reach our $10,000 in sales, which is $4,000 profit.

It's not as intimidating. I've done this personally both ways. When I give it to them and the planning isn't really there, and it's $167 per student, that's a lot of money. And people don't realize when you really think about it, $167 is six items, seven items— that's not so bad. So you're going to have those that are going to go out and sell 10 and those that won't sell any. But overall, $10,000 in sales, $4,000 profit.

You have 100 students. They each sell five items. That's 500 items, which equals your $10,000. So it's just a really great way of kind of flipping the switch a little bit. We're so used to going out and saying, oh, we need to raise $4,000. How are we going to do it? And we have 100 kids, and we have to split up $10,000 in sales.

It's $100 a kid. And you know, we all know that that's kind of a low amount. When we do fundraisers, it's more than that.

So I want to be able to send this out and say, OK, here's our flyer. It's a 100% warrantied item. And you'll only have to sell seven of them. You'll only have to sell eight of them. It's just a really great way to portray it, other than just giving dollars and cents. People take that a little bit easier.

So these are just some of the incremental sales that I had to share with you. I hope that they helped. And I want to thank you all for letting me share with you. Thanks. [♪ music ♪]

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EN - Stephany Hettwer - DateATon 2018

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