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Finding Themes

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Finding Themes with Joe Shindelar In this tutorial we'll learn how to search for and evaluate themes on By the end of this tutorial you'll know how to find new themes and have some tips for evaluating them before use. Before you get started with this tutorial you'll want to make sure that you're familiar with the concept of Drupal as a Content Management System and that you know what themes are and the role that they play. See the written version of this tutorial for links to each of these prerequisite tutorials. Start by navigating to in your browser and then click on Download & Extend in the menu at the top of the page. From there, scroll down, and under the Extend section click on Themes. Filter your search using the categories on the Themes search page. How actively is the theme maintained? If a theme is actively maintained, you can expect bug fixes and improvements on a regular basis. Let's choose Actively maintained. What kind of development is the theme undergoing? If you select Under active development, you can expect new features to be added and some aspects may still change. If you select Maintenance fixes only, it means that the theme is considered complete. We'll choose Any for this example. Core compatibility, the Drupal version that the theme is compatible with. We'll go with 8.x here. Project status. Sandbox projects are experimental projects. Full projects have already gone through an approval process but they can still be in development. We're interested in full projects. You can optionally search by the theme's description. We're going to go ahead and leave this blank. And finally, you can choose to order your search results by criteria like Most installed or Last release. We'll use Most installed here. Click on Search and wait for the results to appear. To further evaluate a theme, click its title in the list of search results to visit its project page. Some aspects to pay attention to on the project page while evaluating themes include the description of the theme on its page; this should be clear and useful. A screenshot of the theme helps your evaluation as well. Under the Download section, the theme should be available for your version of the core software. Pay attention to the color coding here; themes marked green are recommended to be used on live sites. The ones marked yellow should be carefully evaluated before use, and the ones marked red are only recommended for testing. Under Project information, check the theme's maintenance and development status and how frequently it's downloaded and installed. Watch out for maintenance status notifications or development status notifications. If a theme is actively maintained, you can be sure that there will be security updates, bug fixes and feature improvements provided on a regular basis. If you don't see a status here, you can assume it's marked as actively maintained. As an example, here's what it looks like to have a project display additional status information under the Project information section. In the sidebar, under the Issues section, see if there are any open issues or potential problems with the theme you may want to browse first. Under the Maintainer section, check to make sure that the theme is actively maintained, how recently was their activity and new commits added to the code for this theme. Under Resources, check if the theme has documentation. While not required, it's a good indicator that the maintainers have been considerate and thorough. In this tutorial, we learned how to find themes on using the Themes search tool and covered some tips for evaluating potential themes before using them.

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Finding Themes

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