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Case Study Renee_Final

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>> Hello, welcome to this module's case study. Remember Renée? Imagine that this is your eighth coaching session with Renée. Here's some notes from her last three sessions with you. Session number five, Renée really connected with the food language exercise. She shared that she used to write a lot and that she's not sure why she doesn't write anymore as it used to help her cope with difficult feelings. A few metaphors stood out to her that she wrote down. Eating at night is cozy, like my childhood bedroom used to be cozy. Cooking food makes me feel like a superhero and cravings are my kryptonite. Renée said that she wanted to work on her eating story over the next week. Session number six, we talked about the experience of writing the eating story, and Renée shared a very imaginative and detailed story that included a lot of imagery. She said that she thought about herself as a character in the story swimming in all the muck of all of the external influences around her, negative comments about her body from peers, should messages from media, and her parents basically ignoring her a lot of the time as they were very busy with work and pawned her off to nannies. We used the story as an opportunity to explore limiting beliefs that might be contributing to Renée's feelings of stuckness through the character in her story. Renée also stated that she believed that she wasn't good enough in the eyes of her parents which made her feel small and incapable. In the chart and challenge limiting beliefs exercise, Renée was able to connect her feelings of powerlessness and victimization with current eating habits. Session number seven, Renée shared that she really struggled with eating at one point in high school, but that only lasted a few months, and she got bored with severely restricting as she does with every diet she tries. She said, "I loved food too much to deprive myself." She also said that while she was very conscious of food, for a while, it never affected any other areas of her life. Renée never felt out of control, made herself sick, or ate in secret. However, she shared that her weight affects her self-esteem. Based on Renée's description, it sounds as though she may have had more severe disordered eating in the past, but her current eating habits are more reflective of emotional eating. In her most recent revisit form, Renée shared that keeping a journal has helped her be a little more mindful of her habits around food as well as other habits and ways of doing things. We'll return to Renée in a few weeks. After you finish Module 8, take a few minutes to return to this case study and try applying the material. Think about the following questions. What are some high-mileage questions and/or frameworks that might help you in your next session with Renée? What are some connections between Renée's relationship with food and other lifestyle habits? Share your ideas in the Facebook group. Bye for now.

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Case Study Renee_Final

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