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Every1Tutor - Crowdsourced Learning

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Internet ... the 7 days of Creation ... At the beginning there was a lone scientist ... in a place of the universe named ARPA ... he was unhappy because ... he had nobody with whom to play ... sorry, nobody with whom to share his thoughts ... so ... On Day 1 of the Creation ... he had a brilliant idea ... ARPANET ... the first computer network ... On Day 2 ... the Operating Systems were invented ... the Operating Systems make computers work ... ... with Linux as the heaven ... On Day 3 ... to help organize the computers communicate with each other ... a common communication language (protocol) was created ... over TCP/IP were started the first applications, such email ... On Day 4 ... the computers began to use TCP/IP to communicate with each other ... thus, the computer network, known as Internet, was born and began to grow ... On Day 5 ... the Web was created over Internet ... with the Web saw the light the Web pages, browsers, and so on ... in short, with the Web, we had the foundation for what we use today to communicate, share ... ultimately, to be connected ... On Day 6 ... the Social Networks appeared over the Web ... On the Day 7 ... the scientist looked around and was happy ... but, as he is only a crazy scientist ... he could not rest ... so, he is still working ... The everyone intelligence ... Collective Intelligence ... An example of Collective Intelligence (CI) is a colony of ants ... for example, they use the CI to find the shortest path to a food source ... while walking, ants leave behind a chemical track (the yellow blocks in the image) ... These chemical tracks will dissipate as the time passes ... As time passes, the chemical track accumulates faster at the beginning of the short path ... In the image, while the ant on the shortest path is returning to the nest ... the other ant is still walking towards the food source ... Thus, at the beginning of the shortest path is accumulated an amount 3 of the chemical track ... while in the longer path is accumulated only an amount of 1 ... The new ants choose the path that has accumulated more chemical track ... As time passes, more chemical track is accumulated at the beginning of the shortest path ... Thus, more ants begin to use the shortest path ... Finally, only the shortest path is used by the ants ... Thus, by the synergy of the thousands of interactions between ants of the colony through chemical tracks ... The ants manage to find the shortest path ... Something impossible for an individual ant ... Like ants, humans are also capable of displaying Collective Intelligence (CI) ... Only that instead of chemical tracks, humans use words, art, documents, etc., ... An example of human CI is the Wikipedia ... Wikipedia ... the synergy of the thousands of interactions through words, between users interested in different subjects ... Wikipedia is the best encyclopedia in the world ... Something impossible to achieve by a single individual or company ... The opportunity ... the education challenge ... Since ancient times we know that the most effective learning ocurrs through ... (1) The learner's practice ... "Learning by Doing" ... and ... (2) The personalized guide of an experienced tutor ... "One-to-One Tutoring" ... An example of these excellent educational practices are the ancient Greeks ... For example, Aristotle tutoring Alexander the Great ... Today, traditional education does not meet these principles ... Students rarely experience what they learn ... there is not "Learning by Doing" ... Classes are overcrowded ... there is not "One-to-One Tutoring" ... The result is unmotivated students who learn by rote ... Burke, Anania, Bloom and others, through experimental investigation, found that ... The average student with "One-to-One Tutoring", outperformed 98% of the students in the traditional system ... That is, if there are 100 students learning under the traditional system ... The students in the "One-to-One Tutoring" system, outperform 98 of them ... How can we provide "One-to-One Tutoring", in an efficient way, to achive these amazing results? ... The answer: "Everyone a Tutor" ... Every1Tutor ... Everyone a Tutor ... Today we have all the ingredients needed to provide "One-to-One Tutoring" in an efficient way ... (1) There are 6 billion of experts in the world, everyone is an expert in something (E1, E2, E3 and E4 in the image) ... (2) We can access those experts through our online social networks (SN in the image) ... (3) We have the mental models necessary take advantage of the ingredients 1, 2 and 3 (MM in the image) ... (4) We have enough computer power in order to capture and process the data from the interactions between the experts (CP in the image) ... Every1Tutor has a "Bottom-up approach" ... The best learner is the motivated one ... When someone, inside of the context of what he/she does every day ... has a problem that cannot be solved due to lack of knowledge (point P: the broken pipe in the image) ... This person is a motivated learner for the set of knowledge that he/she need at this moment ... Simultaneously, somewhere in the world ... there is for sure an expert in this knowledge, willing to serve as tutor of this person (point E in the image) ... That is the basic Every1Tutor's idea ... At the moment in which to someone arises the need to learn, due the activities undertaken by this someone ... Every1Tutor connects this person with an expert on the needed knowledge, to guide this person ... Once the person with the learning need and the expert are connected by Every1Tutor ... The expert becomes the "Tutor" and the person with the learning need the "Learner" ... The "Learner" has the learning responsibility, who should ... Provide a real problem, compiling the learning material, ask the appropriate questions, to enrich the material with comments, etc. (1 in the image) ... The responsibility of the tutor is basically to guide the learner through the steps needed to learn, answer questions, suggest material, etc. (the interaction 2 in the image) ... Any other member of Every1Tutor can collaborate, becoming a "Collaborator", through providing material, comments, new perspectives, etc (3 in the image) ... The aggregation of all interactions, of types 1, 2 and 3, create the Learner's "Learning Track" ... This "Learning Track" functions in a similar way that the chemical track of the ants ... The "Learning Track" is stored and analyzed by Every1Tutor system, and it is left available to future learners, tutors and collaborators ... Every1Tutor enables to weave a social network, where each learner, together with their tutor and collaborators create a learning track ... This social network generates "Crowdsourced Learning": the power of the synergy that is achieved through the billions of interactions among the millions of experts in the world, freely helping each other to learn from the best each other is ... Crowdsourced Learning enables a learning system based in "One-to-One Tutoring" and "Learning by Doing" ... Every1Tutor is a system in which each new learning track facilitates the learning for all, through the provision of new information, perspectives, doubts, etc. ... In short, every learning track makes the system more intelligent through the Collective Intelligence of all participants ... In Every1Tutor ... everyone is at the same time a Tutor and a Learner ... We only need a new mental model ... Reality is just the consensus of everyone ... if we all believe in something, it becomes reality ... We already have the physical means required to become Every1Tutor in reality ... All we need is a critical mass of people believing that Every1Tutor is possible, to become it a reality ... We can ... if we want ...

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Posted by: jorge.couchet on Jun 19, 2010

Crowdsourced Learning, the concept introduced by the Every1Tutor (E1T) project, is the power of the synergy that is achieved through the billions of interactions among the millions of experts in the world, freely helping each other to learn from the best each other is.

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