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Claude Czechowski, CSC - HR Management

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We are a company that serves other companies. We have two obligations to fulfill: to anticipate the future while acting in a way that generates greater added value at a lower price during this period. To face the crisis, we need more flexibility While we limited our new hires, we continue to seek out resources with equivalent training but we now often look for these resources abroad Our objective being to adapt to the new, more global context of the demand for our services. We must give our teams a reason to be proud, in the transformation, the evolution, the training, the mobility, the spirit that we want to transmit to our consultants --give them new responsibilities that are more European, more global. Furthermore, it is necessary to preserve, manage, and develop this talent. We hire many young people, somewhat less this year. Young people are the future. They allow us to understand evolving consumer behavior, the consumers of your products and services. They could be the ones to manage this transformation. We must continuously take actions that promote change in this regard. Internally, we apply the same recommendations for change that we give to other companies. In this way we are working hard to respond to the crisis. At the moment our response to the crisis has proven rather effective. We experience the same things as our clients. However, we experience them a little bit earlier. It's for this reason that we are able to integrate and standardize all of these services and products internally.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 12, 2010

Claude Czechowski, President, CSC South & West Europe, presents the adjustments made in response to the crisis and the key to greater employee involvement within the company's strategy.

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