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Passionate love is the Relgion of God

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I mean why you get involved into politics. The thing which is presently needed, get hold of the thing which is most important. Get hold of God - get hold of "Religion of God". If someone is deobandi, previously he would have been sunni - thereafter he became deobandi. While being sunni he could not found God that's why he became deobandi. If God would have been found while being Sunni, then why would he have been gone towards them. Another became Shia because he could not found God in what he was, that's why he became Shia. He is seeking God through his way. Another is seeking though his way - another is seeking through his way. Eventhough we saw Hindus aswell, they are seeking God - seeking through idols. But now it should be known that how God is found and which is the "Religion of God"? There is some different religion in Torah. There is some different religion in Psalms of David (Zabur). There is some different religion in Bible, there is some different religion in Quran, then what is His (God's) own religion? Have you ever thought? The very first thing which God did was the Ishq (Passionate love) with His beloved - which (Ishq/passionate Love) became His Religion. He Himself is Passionate love (Ishq), He Himself is Lover, He Himself is Beloved. Today within whomever enters the Passionate Love of God enters into God's religion. Then for them it is said "If there is Ishq (passionate love), then infidelity is also Islam". Now leave politics and get hold of Ishq (Passionate Love) - now turn towards Passionate Love. And Passionate Love is such that it is for everyone. For Passionate Love, it doesn't matter from which sect you belong to --- it doesn't matter from which religion you belong to, once you become His lover.

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Posted by: theallfaith on Apr 7, 2011

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