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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 7)

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- There's a lot of very wealthy people who know things aren't working but they don't know about The Venus Project. We feel that they would wanna help if they had the opportunity. And as soon as things go.. get worse and worse more of them will turn around. - What you have to do.. You know what grand writers are? There are many corporations that have money for low cost houses and things of that sort so, you'd have grand writers in your organization. Ask for money to do experiments on transportation systems... You can get a lot of money that way. So, don't attack them. Just say that: "We're trying to find answers to low cost housing." Do you understand? - Of course. - But they say to you... "How you gonna prevent business failure?" You'd show them that someday, we'll... You know what nanotechnology is? - Yeah. - It's taking atoms and raise them molecularly, so you can make anything. The nanotechnologist tell us that it's fifteen years away. We'll be able to make anything. Diamonds, gold, anything. And that's the end of the value system we have today. There's another thing. If it rained gold for two days, people would sweep it into the house and fill every drawer in the attic, in the cellar. But if it rained gold for a year, they'd sweep it out. You understand? So what's the value of anything? They... Today, they don't seem to understand that... Money is a powerful persuasion. You can pay off politicians and car companies and the drug companies pay off. They give a politician two million dollars to help get elected, he's got to take care of the drug company. Do you understand what I mean? - Yes, we... - It can't be solved within the money system. There's no money so, that means, there's no whore houses, no gambling machines, no drugs, people can't sell drugs if there's no money. - No cigarettes. - You put up a sign say: "No to drugs." That doesn't do anything. Do you understand? Now, see if you can think of some other questions. And if we leave... - Can I make one? you can write us, if you have any questions. I ... have a question. It's... It's not on the news. We have a few news. What do you think about the oil spill from BP platform? - What do you think about the oil spill from the BP platform? - Well, of course that lowers Obama's ratings, 'cause he had the oil companies. But what could have been done? You could take a ring of steel, a tube. And put canvas, make a funnel of canvas with a tube leading upward and then a tapered funnel all along the leak. So, the oil flows up and out and to prevent fire use inert gas, which is leaked in there, too. So, you don't have fire when the oil is climbing up. There's many different possibilities but the oil company should have built that before the oil spill. - Yeah. - But that costs some money. You understand? That's why companies... There was a guy named Cantrell, you should know about this. About ninety years ago, he made a unit with metal plates and the smoke coming out of the smoke site became electrically charged and they adhere to the second set of plates. So, oil comes out, and from the smoke side is warm air, no pollution. Eighty years ago, I only know of two insulations. So, there's a lot of wonderful things, the electric car was killed. You know? And many other wonderful inventions out there, but you won't see' em. You know the story of Tesla, I'm sure. He made a tower to generate electricity from the air. They bombed it. Because no one's gonna finance that. There's no money in it. If you make things available to people, that's not good for business. So, they will... I don't know if you know this. There are already lies coming out about The Venus Project. I get my money from the Vatican. - Yeah, yeah, we've heard it. - ...from the Rothschilds in England, give me billions. - We wish we did. - ...'cause I believe in one world. They're talking about one world but their world. The oil companies and the big business, their one world. The one world I'm talking about has nothing to do with them. But they think I'm being financed and others said: "He's financed by satanic organizations." I expect that. One senator said: "Jacque, if you move people too fast, the government might pick you up, 'cause you're rocking the boat too much." I said: "How do they do that? I don't steal anything, I have no banking accounts in Switzerland, nothing..." He says: "All we do is put drugs in your car, Jacque. We pick you up. And the public will say: "You know, there was always something strange about Fresco, anyway." So, you must expect that on anything new. Child labor and right to vote of blacks or Africo-Americans. Everything was fought, child labor in factories, women's rights, and people that didn't own land in America, could not vote. They had to own land. So, the majority of people never voted. - Should we vote? Should we be active in this politics... - It says in the Bible, if they call you for jury duty... It says in the Bible: "Judge not lest you be judged." 'Cause there is no fair judgment of people, 'cause you can say this: "I don't know what makes a serial killer. I don't know why people do certain things." That's the honest thing. But when you judge them, put them in jail for life. That's not dealing with a problem. I don't know if you know this story about the guy, Albert Fish, do you? - No. - Albert Fish, believed, ate forty five children. And the public wanted to tear him in pieces and a psychiatrist named Wertham said: "Don't kill him." I want to try to find out what made him that way, so we can avoid those conditions in the future. And here's what he had to say: He said when he was seven years old, he was touching his private parts, if you don't understand my language, his penis, and his mother was an old time baptist, she said: "You gonna burn in hell touching that part of you. That's satan's major area that you must avoid. You will be burnt continuously in hell, touching that part of you." The kid started to shake and the mother said: "At two in the morning, he stuck needles in his genitals." That's why he was screaming, 'cause he didn't want to go to hell. So, he used to take kids into the woods, Mexican kids and black, and try to cut their genitals off to save them from hell. Is he bad? I'd say: "No!" He lived in a warped environment. That goes for all people, that do terrible things, are made that way by some aspect of their culture, like the Ku Klux Klan used to hang blacks upside down and cut their feet off or hands, shove them in their mouth. All kinds of terrible things, 'cause they were brought up in an environment that taught that way. Can you understand that or not? - Yes. I can make Japanese look terrible with motion picture, so you wanna get out and shoot all the Japanese kids... or we can train people to hate anybody. All you have to do is look at Ancient Rome... or the holy wars where they killed millions of people... I once asked Einstein: "Do you believe in God?" He said: "Which one?" Some are different kinds of Gods. So, I would say religious people are sincere, they really hope for an after life. But I would like to educate them as what makes hurricanes, tornados, how we can... People come up to me and say: "Jacque, I'm a nature lover." Do you ever hear that before? I say: "You mean, you like earthquakes?" That's natural, millions of people die. Hurricanes are natural, they drown... Floods are natural, disease is natural, rattlesnakes are natural. So, how can you be a nature lover? Just say, I like some parts of nature and other parts I don't. But people don't know what they're talking about. I know what they're trying to say. But they don't... So, you have to educate people. They've been so twisted by society, that if you reached everybody, I'm not sure... Well, today people would honor the rich people and a rich man came to Jesus, tell him a story. Said: "Can I enter the Kingdom of Heaven, with my money?" He said: "The same chances a camel has of going to the eye of a needle." That meant: "No!" So, the rich man said: "What you want me to do with my money?" He says: "Give all the money you have, surplus to your needs, to the poor." Man says: "No, thank you." So, I just want you to know: "Those are the people we respect today." The bums that they call the wealthy and powerful. Really, they don't correspond with religious teachings at all. So, if you understand... use the Bible, quote it directly, underline it. Don't make up any stuff. You can turn people around. - What if I can not turn those people, what place they will have in a Resource Based Economy? - Well, I had two priests who used to come to my seminars and they said: "Jacque, the trouble with you is you wanna make the world a better place. Our Kingdom us up there." So, I said to the priest: "First, I wouldn't wear that cross, if I were you."

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interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 7)

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