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How to Clean Out Your Closet by Style Class

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Style Class Presents How to Clean Out Your Closet [Son and mom screaming] - We've all been there. [Every mom has been there!] You're getting people up, and awake. [Every mom has been there!] You're tired, you're getting teeth brushed, [Every mom has been there!] and socks on little tiny feet. [Every mom has been there!] And they're running around your room, and you finally get to pick out something for yourself, and you feel like you have nothing to wear. Well that's because of mind clutter. And we are going to fix it by cleaning out your closet. - Hi there, this is Rosedrobe wardrobe stylist. Here to teach you how to clean out your closet. But first, why is it important to clean out your closet? Well, because it is super stressful in the morning if you are getting ready, and everything in your closet either doesn't fit, or you hate. All the other things it could be. If your mind is in there with all that clutter, it's going to take a lot longer to get ready in the morning. And, especially for mamma's out there, I know what's going on. Like, kids are running in and out of your room. My biggest tip is to get everything ready the night before, for your outfit. But the easiest way to make getting ready faster, is to have a clean closet. So let's start there. Step number one is getting rid of everything in your closet [Say goodbye to items that: you hate,] that you dislike, and that doesn't fit you. [don't fit, you haven't worn in 2 plus years] Because, it's not serving you in there, it's just mocking you. So, everything that doesn't fit and evertything you dislike, you're never going to learn to love it. Even if it's a nice brand, or it fits you perfectly. If you hate it, it's time to let it go serve somebody else. Next you're going to take all those items that are broken. Zipper's not working. There's rips, there's tears, whatever it is. Things that you've been planning on fixing but never have. You're going to put those in a bag, and you're going to make a decision. Is it worth your time and effort and money to get those items fixed? It's really easy, you just Google tailor's in your area. A lot of dry cleaners have services that fix things as well. Decide is it worth it? And if it is, you're going to put that bag directly in your car. So next time you're out, and you find yourself by some miracle having a few extra ten minutes, you can run somewhere and drop off those items. Next, is storing all those sentimental pieces. You're never going to wear that bridesmaid dress again. You're never going to wear-- you might not wear that dress you wore on a first date once that you're keeping for special reasons. But, you know what, it doesn't have to stare at you everyday in your closet. You can keep those things in separate containers. Either opaque containers in your closet, or under-bed storage is a great option. Another closet somewhere else. Next, you're going to take all those items that you dislike, and that don't fit you, and you're going to donate them, or swap them with somebody else. Or take them to a consignment shop, if they're nicer pieces. And that way you have a little extra money going into your new clothing budget. Because you've just made all this space in your closet, for new clothes, yay! - Yay! [indiscernible baby talk] [Laughter] - Thanks for joining us, and learning how to clean out your closet. If you'd like more tips and tricks head to: High five. Yeah. -Yeah. [Laughter] Style Class. E-Courses, Blog, Podcast, Inspiration. [Kissing sound] High five. [Clapping] -Yeah! Never work with kids, they steal the show.

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Posted by: rosejubb on Feb 26, 2018

Mamas! Tired of feeling like you have no time and nothing to wear in the morning? It's time to clean out your closet! Learn how with Rose Jubb Wardrobe Stylist and creator of Style Class, an online resource that helps everyday ladies style themselves at home.

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