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Freakonomics (2010)

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♪ [xylophone] My entire academic life has been devoted to figuring out tricky ways to get at causality. We kinda say,"What if this thing that everybody thinks is so, really isn't so". It sounds ridiculous, but you see it all the time, people trying to fight against, or build up something that they're sure is connected to something else, which it turns out just isn't. The closest thing to a world view in Freakonomics, is that incentives matter, and if you can figure out what people's incentives are, you have a good chance of guessing how they are going to behave. (young male voice) They say money doesn't buy happiness - wanna bet? ♪ [music more funky, upbeat] There is definitely a distinction between names for white people and names for black people. Maria, Mary >>Billy >>Becky >>Malik >> Shanika >>Shakim >>You know, Oprah is popular. I don't have to ever see a Sumo match, I can go on the data, and I can tell you that there was rampant cheating going on. When there is an incentive to cheat, a small percentage of people always will. Could students increase their test scores, simply by giving them a financial incentive? Fifty bucks? You are getting straight A's from me, yes. We have a crime problem that is out of control, (woman's voice) It's clear the numbers are dropping, what's not clear is why. (male voice) The line between, like, economists and criminals is incredibly thin. (other guy) And what about journalists? No line. Awe, that is so cool! You give people permission to challenge conventional wisdom, and to ask a different kind of question entirely. Total b.s., wasn't it? [Captions by]

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