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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~07:30:59 - 07:46:00

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-Have you finished? -Yes. Who can spell the word, GANG? Spell GANG. [Snapping fingers.] G-A-N-G G-A-N-G, good. Spell... GAME. GAME. G-A-M-E G-A-M-A Spell... ANIMAL. ANIMAL... -Olivia. -A-N-I-M-A-I -Again? - A-N-I-M-A-....I A-N-I-M-A-L. -Good! Spell KNIVES. Agness. K-N-I-V-... R-A-S. -No. -K-N-I-V-A... -No. -Cedrick. -K-N-I-V-E-S Who can spell EMPTY? EMPTY? EMPTY. -Lekani. -E-M-... E-M-E... -E-M-E-T-Y -Again. E-M-P-T-Y Spell... TRAIN. Fanny. T-L...T-R-I -TRAIN. -TRAIN. TRAIN. Natasha T-R-A-I-N-E-D TRAIN. -Rose. -T-R-L-A-I-N -Again. -Rose. - T-R-L-I-N -Again. That is the end of our English lesson. Hello, sir. Hello. How are you? I'm fine and how are you? I'm fine. Sit down. Thank you, sir. Stand up. How many millimeters to make 1 centimeter? Sir! -Yes, Stanley. -10 millimeters make 1 centimeter. 10 millimeters equals 1 centimeter. How many centimeters make 1 decimeter? Stanley, sit down. -Yes, Blessings. -10 centimeters make 1 decimeter. 10 centimeters equals 1 decimeter. How many decimeters make 1 meter? -Yes, Gertrude. -10 decimeters make 1 meter. 10 decimeters make 1 meter. How many meters make 1 decameter? -Yes, Edith. -10 meter make 1 decameter. -Again? -10 meter make 1 decameter. 10 meters make 1 decameter. 10 meters equals 1 decameter. How many decameters make 1 hectometer? -Yes, Christopher. -10 decameters make 1 hectometer. -Again. -10 decameters make 1 hectometer. 10 decameters equals 1 hectometer. How many hectometers make 1 kilometer? -Yes, Memory. -10 hectometers make 1 kilometer. OK, sit down. Sit down, class. How many centimeters make 1 meter? How many centimeters make 1 meter? -Bernadetta Chimbewa. -10,000. -Again? -10,000. -No. -Sir...Sir... -Stand up. How many centimeters make 1 meter? -Yes, Chipiliro John? -100 centimeters make 1 meter. 100 centimeters make 1 meter. OK. How many... decimeters make 1 decameter? How many decimeters make 1 decameter? -Yes, Simeon. -100 decimeters make 1 decameter. 100 decimeters make 1 decameter. OK, good. How many meters make 1 hectometer? -Yes, Gertrude. -100 meters make 1 hectometer. -Again? -100 meters make 1 hectometer. OK, good. 100 hectometers make... 100 meters make 1 hectometer. How many meters make 1 kilometer? Yes, Chipiliro... No no no, Chipilipini. -1,000 meters make 1 kilometer. -Again? -1,000 meters make 1 kilometer. 1,000. Alright. As we have said, as we move to the left... As we move our numbers towards the left, it is ten times more than a meter. Ten times more than a meter. When we move from the meter to here, it is ten times. That means it's ten times. When we move from ten... from this meter to that hectometer, it is 100 times. 100 times. Again, when we move from this meter to that kilometer, it is 1,000 times. The reason for this is that 1,000 meters equals 1 kilometer. Do we all agree? -Yes! Now, as we go to the right, from the meter here, it is a fraction of 10, 1 tenth. To move from this meter onto the decimeter, it is 1 over 10. Whereas if we move from the meter to get to centimeter....what would be the fraction? What's the fraction? Yes... -1 over 100. -1 over 100, 1 over 100, OK? If we were to move from the meter here to millimeter, what would be the fraction? What would be the fraction? Yes... Sambaya. -1 over 1,000. -1 over 1,000. OK. Now, if we are to write as a decimal fraction... 1/10. What would be the decimal fraction? -Yes, Zachariah Biya. -1 over 10. A decimal fraction 1 over 10? -0.1 -0.1 OK, good. How about a centimeter? Yes... Steven. 0.1.0 -Yes.... -Sir...Sir... -Yes, Muyewa Bernadetta. -0.01 -OK, 0.01 OK. Steven, I do understand your concerns. Sit down. Sit down, Steven. Steven says he understands me so well... But as soon as I erase the work, it also gets erased from his head. -Oh dear.. OK, 1 over 1,0000 as a decimal fraction? -Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir... Yes....Kachale -0.0.001 -Again. -0.0.01 Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir... -Yes, Edith. -0.001 OK, good - 0.001. That is a decimal fraction when we are talking in terms of a meter. It is 0.001 Right. So today, we have expressed these numbers in decimal places as well as.... in common fractions. So today, we are doing additions on the same exercise learned. Addition. Mada, that's the reason why they moved Stanford to the front. Here's your chair. Can't you see?

Video Details

Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
Views: 340
Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 24, 2008

English class ends with some spelling exercises. Next, a math lesson begins focusing on metric conversions. Poor Steven has some problems, and the teacher notes them. Edith answers the final question successfully.

[Transcription & English Translation: Tiffany Banda /
Revision: Jos Garric & Jason Price]

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