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GFP Small and Medium Entreprise_Mozambique

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To make charcoal you first cut the tree using the chainsaw We cut only some trees so we have some for the future I make charcoal because I don’t have employment When we cut them we leave a piece of trunk so it can grow again I sell this charcoal. My husband and I make this by ourselves I sell this charcoal bag for 130 MT (5 USD) Our neighbors in Kwa Zulu Natal There are (medicinal) plants here that they need So there will always be this type of market We (women) came together and chose an area for agriculture So we can sell the produce and the profit would be for all of us The scheme and strategy to support SMEs be it in forestry or of other nature is fundamental We must use man's ambition because if we don't use man's ambition people are not motivated We should create businesses that make money in protecting the environment Both the private sector and communities can have access to productive resources However, these plants were running a risk of disappearing Now the situation is improved slightly because this group acts as a guardian I’m a carpenter here, we are five workers the difficulties we face here with our career with the finances, we are working on our own The problems are difficulties with the transport of wood since the cost of transport is as much as the wood since the wood is far away I don’t have a permit, so I find a place to cut a tree to make charcoal I can, because it’s our own land We face a lot of problems because when I hire a truck to bring the charcoal I pay a lot of money We bring it here because I don’t have a permit The decentralization of the government at the local level means that the local government has more power and the capacity to make decisions that influence the community directly What we do with the 20% is decided by the communities All ten communities of the Mahel office know what is more or less the problem of each community to adjust the 20% for each community At least the authorities should facilitate things when we have problems to get documents from the municipal district For me, what’s important is to have an identified place which is the right place for the artisans So if the government finds a way to identify artisans to know who is a proper artisan to create conditions and have a proper place to go to Where we can work together to make our products So that means that there is a need to in parallel with large projects, we should pay attention to small actions that cumulate and make a big difference Let’s give back the control of resources to the community Let’s help them find alternative for generating income

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GFP Small and Medium Entreprise_Mozambique

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