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Placing a Block in a Region

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Placing a Block in a Region with Joe Shindelar This tutorial covers how to place a block in a region. By the end of this tutorial, you'll know how to place the opening hours and location block in the website's sidebar. Before you get started with this tutorial, you want to make sure that you're familiar with the concept of blocks, that the core Bartik theme is installed and set as default, and the opening hours and location block must exist. See the written version of this tutorial for links to each of these prerequisite tutorials. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Structure, and then Block layout. Here, you'll see the Block layout page which lists the current default theme's regions. Ensure that in the secondary tab, the core Bartik theme is selected. This is important because block placement is defined per theme. Next, locate the region Sidebar second in the list. Click the Place block button next to it. This triggers the Place block window, which lists all the available blocks. Locate the block Opening hours. Here, Hours and location, and click Place block next to it. The Configure block window appears and you can fill in the form. Set the Title, which is the text to be displayed for the block. We'll set it to Hours and location. Make sure that the Display title box is checked, indicating you would like to display the title for the block. You can choose a region from the theme to display the block in. In this case, Sidebar second. You can also hide or display the block on specific pages. In the case of the Farmers' Market website, you do not set any of these configuration options because you want to show the block everywhere. Finally, click Save block. After which you're taken back to the Block layout page. From here, you can drag blocks to change the order in which they'll appear within a region. Verify that the Opening hours and location block is listed in the Sidebar second region. And then at the bottom of the page, click Save blocks. The block has now been placed in the Sidebar of all pages that use the Bartik theme. We can confirm this by navigating back to the homepage and seeing our Hours and location block displayed in the Sidebar second region. In this tutorial, we placed a block into the Sidebar second region of the Bartik theme, set a title to display for the block and configured it to display on all pages.

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Placing a Block in a Region

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