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Money As Tokens of Love 錢是愛的代幣

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I would like to share more about what was mentioned in the New Age Center yesterday, regarding money. Because I don't want our lectures presented here to sound like an impossible utopia. I won't be talking about spirituality or life insights, only. Later, when you are going home and find that you have no money to pay for the ride, you may recall what Dr. Hsu has said...isn't this terrible? Do you know what I am saying? Therefore, our learning path concerning body, mind and spirit is not only focused on spirituality but to have abundance and prosperity. Because, the least amount of restrictions that you have in the physical world, on a certain level of speaking, the greater safety and peace you'll have. Because there is nothing to worry about. First, let's talk about money. What is known about money? What kind of attitude should we take toward money? I also talked about it in New Age Center yesterday. I do hope that all students, starting today, would treat money as "Tokens of Love". "Token coins" do you know what I'm saying? As you know, the tokens are exchanged like money in a playground. So you can toss the tokens into the machine then sit on the carousel...They are called "Tokens". Because we live in a world, we don't know how to show our appreciation and love for one another, therefore, people invented money to show love. For instance, assume I take a taxi then find that the fare was more than it was the last time. The fare is $250 when previously it was $230. So, you take out $250 reluctantly. And you talk to the driver…give it to you anyway… Be rude and reluctant in giving. But, from today on, students, I want you change your attitude toward how you spend money, Because if you treat money as (a token of) love, when you pay $250 you'll feel very grateful! Very grateful! Because, someone earned this $250 from you. This is your gratitude which shows your appreciation for his service. Therefore, if we treat the flow of money as the flow of love between people, we have achieved enlightenment! Do you know what I'm saying? When we treat the flow of money as the flow of love between people, we have achieved enlightenment! For example, you go to work. Suppose your boss pays you 40,000 Yuan monthly. The 40,000 Yuan is a symbol of gratitude from you boss to thank you for working for this company and for your contribution to him and to the community. The pay is a token of love. Then, you take 40,000 home, to pay for your child's tuition or buy food for your kid! This is the way you show love to your child. Therefore, if we change the overall view towards money to the way that the energy of love flows from one person to another, then, everyone, your present moment and your mood is completely changed! You won't look at money as power or authority, or as a cause of inner pain. We are learning Seth's teaching or the concept of body, mind and spirit now. We hope that each one of you with your internal energy of love, is growing stronger and stronger. Your internal energy of love is growing stronger. So, when you earn money in the future, let your heart be full of gratitude. Thank the people who pay you money and the money you earn is self-affirming It's a gift of love from the people around you. However, when you spend money, when you consume or, when you pay the money this is a form of gratitude and love. instead of thinking... "Whoops! How come it's so expensive?" you are enraged every time you spend money and say to yourself "I'm out of money again!" "I spent all my money. That makes me angry!" At the moment you are paying your heart is lacking. Do you know what I'm saying? When you are paying money What are your intentions? When you have paid, Even when you eat, you need to pay. If your heart at the moment of paying money is fulfilled and abundant, then so are the people would receive it. I'm telling you that money is an illusion, the truth is that love and gratitude are the themes behind money. The emotions of gratitude are real. Do you know what I'm saying? So it is the same when you get money. So it is the same. Therefore, sometimes, money represents a flow of love energy from our hearts. Money is meant to circulate. So when you change your attitude about money, and your attitude about spending money... and because someone will receive your money, right? Then that person would be joyful about receiving it, right? Of course! It's like when you receive money from others, do you feel joyful? Yeah! Therefore, it doesn't matter if you are earning or spending money, you are circulating in the flow of love energy. You are circulating in the flow of love energy. And you won’t, you won't feel miserable or complain "why it's so little?" Because your abundance of inner energy begins to rise. When you start to notice that your entire energy has changed you'll find the circulation of love energy getting stronger and stronger. And the flow of energy is stronger, also. Your money will, also, bring love from others to you… you can also give your love added with your personal blessing and added with your personal essence, then, pass the money, the love, to others. Isn't it amazing? We thought the world is full of power and authority or foul stench of money! Instead, if you treat money as the flow of love, the way you see the world is completely changed. Actually, it is the flow of love between people. To circulate the flow of love energy, we have to start from changing our belief and attitude from our attitude to believe the universe is abundant. The bigger your heart is, the greater amount you can give. The more you give the greater love and blessing you'll receive! This is my life. If I don't put it into action myself Then I wouldn't say it to you. If I don't implement it myself, I won't say it to you. Because, everything I am doing now is based on this way. To circulate the flow of love energy in the society. Once the flow of love energy could flow in our heart, could flow freely in our society, our world will be changed! This is the society we would like to live. This is the society to fulfill our heart with warmth and love. Because I'm not hoping to teach things as like in ideal perfection. "Dr. Hsu, you are teaching us what is love," "but when we got home we found no love!" "no love at all." I don't want to teach something impossibly utopian, but to teach you to experience and practice in your life.

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Money As Tokens of Love 錢是愛的代幣 - by Dr. Tien Sheng Hsu in 2004 (


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