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Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple - Past, Present & Future

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India The only land where the smallest of everyday acts are pervaded with spiritual ethos This is a land and culture which has for thousands of years nurtured yogis, siddhas and realized beings These beings explored life in depth Looked at all aspects of human well being and consciously structured the culture so that even the simplest act became a spiritual one Spirituality has stayed alive and flourished for so many centuries in India Because these beings created spaces and temples where they invested their knowing Kailash is one such place which is a powerhouse of energy The first being to store his knowing in an energy form here was the Adi yogi, Shiva, himself Though they are thronged by worshippers The ancient temples were originally built not as places of worship but as powerful energy centers which allowed people to transform themselves in a very deep way A visit to the temple in the morning allowed one to go about his daily work with a certain sense of balance and depth There was a deep and exact science of temple building The temples in India were created according to the instructions laid out in the yagama shastras Each jyotirlinga temple had a specific function If you want health, you go to a certain temple If you want material well being, you go to another Each temple was created to address a different aspect of life The existing lingas in these temples have been consecrated for one or two particular chakras which benefit people accordingly But many enlightened beings down the ages dreamed of a temple that held a linga with all seven chakras fully energized A Dhyanalinga temple Of all the temples, this is the most complex to create and so difficult is the task that it never happened The closest attempt to consecrate such a Dhyanalinga took place almost a thousand years ago in Bodepur in Madhya Pradesh But the consecration process could not be completed There is now only one place where a Dhyanalinga stands The only one to be fully consecrated in over two thousand years The Velliangiri mountains are known as the Kailash of the south Because they have been the abode of countless siddhas, seers and sages since time immemorial Shiva himself is said to have spent time in these mountains It is at the foothills of the Velliangiri mountains that Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev established the Dhyanalinga It took him three lifetimes of intense sadhana to achieve this The consecration of Dhyanalinga involved an intense process of pram protesta which spanned over three years In India, it is tradition that prior to entering any temple one is required to wet one's entire body to help make one more receptive to the energies of the temple The theertukund is a subterranean tank with a solidified mercury lingam immersed in water This raso linga was consecrated in a particular way Fundamentally as a preparatory tool to enhance spiritual receptivity in a person before he enters the Dhyanalinga The theertukund's energy soaked water has an uplifting effect on the physical body in terms of health and well being and stabilizes the pranic imbalances in a person Before the entrance of the inner parikrama is the Sarva Dharma Sthambha Symbols of all the major religions of the world are inscribed on three sides of the sthambha A welcome that goes beyond religious divides To reach the open pathway, the inner parikrama, one must climb three steps The unusual height of the steps forces the visitor to press the soles of his feet on to the pebbled surface of these steps which in turn activates certain nerve centers in the body A preparation of the system to make it more receptive to the energies of the Dhyanalinga The entrance of the parikrama is graced by Patanjali maharishi who is regarded as the father of yogic sciences On the other side is the Vanashree Shrine the feminine deity of the Dhyanalinga temple The energies of the deity are such that it is especially beneficial for women and children The six panels on the approach depict moments from the lives of six South Indian sages who reached the peak of consciousness through their devotion to the divine At the heart of the temple, one finally stands before the immense and awe-inspiring Dhyanalinga vibrating with the power of the primordial It casts its spell on all those who enter its enigmatic presence There is no other such linga in the world It is Sadhguru's wish that all the visitors to the temple be allowed directly into the Garba Graha or the sanctum sanctorum, a rare privilege in most temples In Sanskrit, Dhyana means meditation, linga means form Here, sitting silently for a few minutes, within the sphere of the Dhyanalinga is enough to make those even unaware of meditation experience a deep state of meditativeness Being in the presence of the Dhyanalinga offers a person the rare privilege and the intimacy of being with a guru With all seven chakras energized to the very peak, it touches one in a different dimension Sowing the seed of spiritual liberation in a person This sacred space is being maintained by a dedicated group of Brahmacharis who've been initiated in the Guru-Sishya parampara in order to enable people to receive the grace and energies of Dhyanalinga for thousands of years to come without any distortion Come, share the experience of the Dhyanalinga Once a being is touched by the grace of Dhyanalinga love and compassion towards other human beings is a natural outcome This finds expression through the various social outreach projects Action for Rural Rejuvenation works towards uplifting the rural community and provides free health care in more than four thousand five hundred remote villages in India Project Green Hands aims at planting 11.4 crore trees in the next five years to increase the green cover of the country Isha Vidhya works to provide free quality education to rural children on par with good suburban schools Every Maha Shivaratri, Sadhguru conducts a night long Sathsang of explosive meditations More than six lakh people visit the Dhyanalinga on that night One more theertukund is being planned in order to accommodate the rapidly growing number of devotees visiting the temple Since the Dhyanalinga temple is situated in a reserve forest away from the city a chaudry which provides the people who travel and come to the temple with a place to stay and offering of food, anma donam is being planned The greatness of this nation lies in its rich ancient tradition and culture which is slowly dying Sadhguru has a long-term vision of reviving the arts and knowledge of our culture and has established a system of transmitting these art forms in the traditional guru-sishya parampara Garari bhairaktu, bharatanatyam, classical music siddha and ayurvedic sciences are imparted here in the pure form In a world that is fragmented by divisions, it is more important than ever that each person begins to blossom towards his ultimate nature Here at the Dhyanalinga, each and every person has the chance to touch another dimension beyond the boundaries of normal human existence In ancient times it was kings and noblemen who endowed and built temples However, the Dhyanalinga has been built by ordinary people as an offering of love with the labor of thousands of volunteers Almost all the money that it took to build the temple came from thousands of small donations made by people who gave up something in order to make the Dhyanalinga happen Today, we are searching for the resources to complete the vision for the Dhyanalinga temple As we seek to reach out to touch and transform more and more people There's an opportunity for you, too We invite you to be a part of this historic endeavour and to offer this possibility to yourself, your children and generations to come Donate generously in whatever way you can

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 A powerful and informative film addressing the historical aspects of ancient Indian temples, lingas and the consecration of Sadhguru's treasure to the world, the Dhyanalinga.

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