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Botany Catastrophy final version

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what did you hear voices of pain we can't blame ourselves whether or not it's true we didn't know beforehand. how you ever seen a dead body? scientists from university of california-davis has discovered a new type of vegetable self defense system vegetables will emit a very disturbing microscopic sound to warn others when they are hurt Though the exact function of this defense system hasn't been confirmed it is certain that they have proved plants have something similar to a nervous system even after it has been harvested when you eat salad they are in pain this is a difficult moment for our country it is not the first time that science has changed our ideology in my lifetime or in many of yours but even for those of us who have experienced this before it is no less of a shock it is no less terrifying it is the moment when our nation's resilience when our collective strength the moment when all of that are tested the most the tide has been turned and we can only imagine how difficult it must be for vegans and vegetarians alike Have you ever seen a dead body? Excuse me? think about it Can you recall the last time you saw a dead mouse? Can you remember the shock? No, I mean I never seen a dead body before. but I don't think I will be shocked You are looking at them every single day. The food you eat the pizza the burger how could you not be shocked just one weeks after the greatest discovery in human history there are already over hundreds of politicians and celebrities that publicly support this new vegetable cruelty-free organization Famous celebrity Kim Kardashian tweeted yesterday and I quote: "I am deeply sorry for what vegetables have experienced over the decades from now on I decided to live as a meat eater." New trend on Twitter #Vegeslivesmatter has gone viral I mean what else is there? now we have found out they have feelings what's next? Can they think? Can they talk? Eating vegetable is more than just murder They still have feelings after leaving their roots Whenever there is a progress There will always be obstrctions Why should allow such crime keep happening? We can't shake their opinion overnight. But here I am to warn all of these stubborn veggies. You are committing a crime American people will not tolerate your barabaric a.. How can you not be shocked? Oh, ok you need to calm down there's nothing we can do We need to eat eat in order to survive and besides the least we can do is make sure they're not in pain and like not waste anything. I just can't do that, Erin. I can't It wasted the whole purpose as to why I started this diet in the first place really? well I expected this much but I don't know you'd go this far for plants I mean for me it's always been about my physique Everybody has their own reasons I don't think I know anymore A former animal cruelty activist just found dead by starvation this morning in his apartment due to the testimony from his friends he has been struggled with a food disorder for several days also happens in Davis the local radio station has been seemingly hijacked for over a month it is a so-called Prank made by a group teenagers who have played fake news on the radio for weeks the impact and motivation of this hijack is still under investigation

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