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Gamification - advancing 'Big Data' to 'Smart Data'

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Today I want to tell you a story. It's a story about Data. Mr. Data. But everyone just calls him Mr. D. He knows a lot about so much and he learns more and more every day. So, for us normal people he is just like a giant living brain that collects every ounce of information that is floating around. But there is a problem: Only a few people listen to him. Even though he has so much to talk about, and knows so much for almost every situation in life. But most people just think this is boring stuff. And that's because Mr. D is very bad at telling. He can't create a fascination around his information. All he is able to do, is to talk about facts, numbers and pure data. So, no one listens to him. Even if he has something important to say. But one day he met Ms. Gamification or Ms. G. And Ms. G loves to tell stories. She loves to entertain everyone and she is amazing at creating excitement and attention within her audience. She is amazing at breathing life into her stories. But there is a problem: Mostly Ms. G has to make up a story because she doesn't know so much. She would love to know more about the people she is telling her stories to, to create more relevance and so to achieve a deep engagement between her stories and the audience. She wants her stories not just to be dreams, thoughts and unreal... ...but real! Then, one day she met Mr.D, and now everything has changed. Ms. G listens to Mr. D and she is overwhelmed by all this real world content. And she starts to use these facts from Mr. D to tell stories about reality. And suddenly she is able to create relevance... ...and her stories become meaningful. And Mr. D experiences that people love it to listen to his data. Now he has a connection to them and normal data changed to smart data. So, listening to Mr. D and Ms. G together... ...becomes fun and meaningful. (made by ©

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Duration: 2 minutes and 45 seconds
Country: Germany
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: Roman Rackwitz; Nana Customart
Director: Roman Rackwitz
Views: 92
Posted by: romrack on Aug 29, 2012

Short intro video for Engaginglab's talk at the Data Science Day 2012, Berlin @wooga.

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