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The Black Flags of ISIS | Sheikh Waseem Yousef

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"If you see the black flags, remain where you are...." "...are and do not move your hands or your feet." So it is clear they [ISIS] are a fitnah! So Ali RA said - and this must be a Hadith because Ali RA doesn't have knowledge of the future - He said: "Thereafter there shall appear a feeble folk to whom no concern is given..." Meaning they are villains with no standing and no weight behind them... ...[they will have] no knowledge, nor any religion or manners and will be of no benefit to society. He then said: "Their hearts will be like fragments of iron." Meaning they will be harsh, and void of all mercy. According to one narration: "They will have no mercy on their enemies." so, "...their hearts will be like fragments of iron..." Ali RA goes on to say: "They are the people of AL DAWLAH" meaning that their name would be associated with the word 'AD DAWLAH' They call themselves 'AD DAWLAH al-Islamiyyah' [i.e. the Islamic State] So why do people reject this Hadith?

Ali RA said: "They will fulfill neither a covenant, nor an agreement." Proof of this is what ISIS did with Moaz Al-Kasasbeh. ISIS was negotiating with the Jordanian government about the release Moaz Al-Kasasbeh... exchange for the freeing of ISIS sympathisers held by the Jordanians. These negotiations carried on for months... ...but it then transpired that Moaz Al-Kasasbeh had been burned alive 3 months prior to the negotiations. Are those Islamic actions? Is that Islam? To lie? "...they will fulfill neither covenant nor agreement..."

"They will invite to the Truth [Islam], though they are not from its people." "Their names will be epithets [i.e. Abu Bakr, Abu Mus'ab etc.]..." Show me an ISIS member that you know the name of! All their names are like that! Abul Qa'qa! Abu Dujanah! Abu Bakr! "...and their lineages [i.e. last names] will be villages (or places)." Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi - to Baghdad Abu Mus'ab Al-Jolani - to the Jolan (Golan Heights) Abu Mus'ab Az-Zarqawi - to Zarqa' in Jordan How could Ali RA have known this without hearing it from the Prophet Muhammad PBUH? Ali RA continues: "Their hair will be long like that of women." You won't find ISIS fighters that cut their hair! Their hair is like that of women. so "their hair will be long like that of women." Ali RA then said: "[They shall remain so] till they differ among themselves." Differences are arising: Al Qaeda is fighting Jabhat an-Nusrah Jabhat an-Nusrah is fighting ISIS ISIS is fighting both Ahrar ash-Sham and Liwa' at-Tawheed. "[They shall remain so] till they differ among themselves..." "...then God will bring forth the truth from whomever He wills." [Kitab al-Fitan]

Even try and refute this Hadith! An identical description [of ISIS] written down in books over 1000 years ago! It was narrated by Ali, may God be pleased with him, 1400 years ago! Lie about this situation, if you [ISIS] can.

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Year: 2015
Language: English
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Producer: Sheikh Waseem Yousef
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Posted by: elitejanissary on Nov 18, 2015

This video is taken from the programme 'Min Raheeq al-Iman' (Arabic) on Abu Dhabi TV. The clip was produced by the 'Waseem Tube' channel on YouTube and I do not own it. I have translated it to spread awareness of the Hadith that prophesied the coming of ISIS.

Note: Some viewers may find some parts distressing.

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