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Add User Ratings to Your Posts, Pages & Comments

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Getting feedback from your site visitors can be an important part of blogging, and to make that even easier, we've added the PollDaddy Rating widget to With the option to add user ratings to your posts, pages, comments, or any combination of those, the people visiting your blog can leave ratings on your content. So, how do you get set up? When you visit your blog's Dashboard, you'll now see a new menu option called "Ratings" just underneath the Comments menu and just above the Polls menu. Click on that, and you'll see some settings. Along the top here, we have three tabs: One for posts, one for pages, and another for comments. So, let's say I'm going to enable ratings on my posts. I click here on the checkbox, and the option to have them appear above or below each post is something I can choose from. I save, and now if I want to tweak things further, I can access Advanced Settings. I can choose between the common five-star rating system or the thumbs-up/thumbs-down "Nero" rating style. Then, I tweak—for instance—the size and color of the styles with a preview appearing over on the right. Ditto for the Nero-style hands. If I prefer, I can even put in the URL of a different image I prefer to use just here. Finally, I can change alignment, position, and various other styling options as well as being able to change the particular phrases used to describe the ratings my users have given a post, comment, or page. So, now that I'm happy with all that, I click on "Save Changes". I'm going to leave them off my pages, so I skip that and add them to comments, click here again, choose whether ratings will appear, and save. So, now I'm set up; let's have a look at a post. And here's some comments. So, as you can see, it's pretty easy, and adds an extra layer of interactivity to your blog content. Once I have some results, I can head to the second menu option, which will show me the ongoing results of people's voting. I can view ratings for posts, pages, or comments clicking on View Report, and also filter by the period of time I want to check ratings for. In this way, I can get a quick idea of what's been most popular this week, or across the entire life of my blog, which might in turn affect the decisions I make with my future content. So that's the PollDaddy Ratings widget for, making gathering feedback easier than ever.

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Jul 18, 2009

The recent addition of the PollDaddy Ratings widget to blogs allows you to add star and thumbs-up, thumbs-down ratings to your blog posts, pages and comments. This video walks you through the basics.

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