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Postman Pat- Pet's Rescue

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Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black and white cat Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, he picks up all the postbags in his van Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black and white cat all the birds are singing, and the day is just beginning, Pat feels he's a really happy man Everybody knows his bright red van all his friends will smile as he waves to greet them can never be sure there'll be knock... ring... letters through your door Postman Pat, postman Pat, and his black and white cat all the birds are singing, and the day is just beginning, Pat feels he's a really happy man Julian! Come and get your breakfast! You'll be late for school! Oh, dear! Now I'm late for work at the café. Cheerio, Pat! Bye, love! Morning, Julian Oh, morning, dad. Oh, dear. Sounds like you've got a bad cold! I wonder if you should stay at home today. I...I can't... You've got to go to work, dad... Well, not if you're ill. I could ring Mrs. Goggins and tell her I need to stay at home to look after you . Oh, really? Yes, but only if you really are too poorly to go to school. Oh, yes. I'm definitely too poorly. All right, I'll give Mrs. Goggins a ring and call the café to let your mum know. Oh, you won't be needing the postbag today, Jess. We're staying at home to look after Julian. Don't you worry, Pat. There's only a few letters today so I'll deliver them for you. I hope wee Julian is feeling better soon. Cheerio, Pat. Oh, Bonnie! I've got post to deliver. Now, where did I put my old post hat? Oh, it'll be just like old times! Out you go and play, Bonnie! Oh, can't I sit on the sofa and watch television? No... if you're feeling ill the best place for you is in bed. I'll leave you to get some rest, but if you need anything just ring that bell and I'll come straight up. Thanks, dad. I can't play with you, Jess. I'm supposed to be ill, remember? Oh, this is bo-ring! What is it, Julian? Are you OK? Ah, could you bring me my comic book, please, dad? Yes, yes, of course. Being ill is fun, ha ha Hello, Bonnie. Looking for someone to play with? Sorry, Bonnie. I've got lots of poorly animals to see today. Hello, there, Jess. Strange not to be delivering the post, is it? Coming, Julian! Oh, hello, Bonnie. Have you come to see how I'm getting on? No, no, I've no time to play, Bonnie. Oh, stop it, Bonnie, you're making me dizzy Deary me! There you go, Julian, I thought you might be thirsty. Oh, thanks, dad. They're looking much better, Alf. I think they'll be fine, now. Thanks, Amy. I do worry about me sheep. Me sheep! Macy, Bessie, Mabel! What on earth's got into you, Bonnie? It's naughty to scare sheep like that! Are you still looking for someone to play with? Sorry, Bonnie, maybe we could play later. Bye, Alf!- Bye Got to go, Bonnie! Yummy! Ice cream! Eh? ...I mean...thanks, dad That'll make my sore throat feel much better. Bonnie! It's dangerous to play in the road, you could've been hurt! Come on, I'll take you home. What are you doing? You want me to follow you? Jess? Is that you? Well done, Bonnie! Don't worry, Jess, we'll soon get you out of there! Stay with Jess, Bonnie. I'll be right back! I'm coming, Jess! Almost there, Jess. It's OK, Jess, I'm here now. Let's take a look, eh? Hmm, looks like a broken leg. First things first, Jess. I'll give you some medicine for the pain, then we'll get you out of here, eh? Mum! Oh, hello, sweetheart! left work early to make sure you're all right, how are you feeling now? hmm, a lot better, mum. Oh, Pat, you don't look so good. 'm fine... ...just a bit tired, love. Is Jess up here with you? Erm, no... come to think of it, I haven't seen him for ages. Oh, dear. I wonder where he is... It's OK, Bonnie, we're almost there. How are you doing in there, Jess? Let's get you to the surgery, and get that leg fixed, eh? Hello, Amy. What? Jess is hurt?! Oh, no! Yes, we'll be there immediately. Mum? What's happened to Jess? He fell down a hole and turned his leg, he's at the surgery. I'll go straight there. Oh, dad, it's my fault! If you hadn't been looking after me Jess wouldn't have wandered off, and he'd be OK. But you can't help being ill, Julian. Your dad's right, love. But...I'm not ill I was at first, but then I felt better, but it was kind of fun so I pretended! Julian!! And now Jess is the one who's really ill, and it's my fault because dad's running round after me! Oh, I'm so sorry! We'll talk about this later. Let's go. It's OK, Jess, I'm just checking to see if you've broken any more bones. Yep, that leg is definitely broken. We'll have it fixed in no time. I'll get it bandaged for you. I'm so sorry, Jess. Is Jess going to be OK, Amy? Yes, he'll need lots of care and attention, but he'll soon be back on his feet. I promise I'll take extra care of you, Jess. I can't thank you enough, Amy. It's Bonnie you should thank, I couldn't have found Jess without her. Thank you, Bonnie. Come on then, let's get Bonnie and Jess home. I think you need to get home too, Pat You sound as if you're getting a cold. I'm feeling a bit thirsty, Jess. What about you? Keep up the good work, Julian. Yes, dad. Postman, postman Pat can you guess what's in his bag? Is there a letter? Is there a parcel? Is there a postcard? What's left? Jess the cat! Postman, postman Pat, can you guess what's in his bag? ♪

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Posted by: totleigh on Apr 3, 2012

Pet's Rescue

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