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Bioenergetic Nutrients

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At the National Library of Medicine you can take a look at research that dates back all the way back to the 1900's and interestingly, the category of bio-energetic nutrition is the fastest-growing category I've ever seen in the last 25 years. Cellular bio-energetics. Energetics, the ability to produce energy from the nutrients in the foodstuffs that we consume. The amount of interest that researchers and scientists are investing and spending in this category is literally unprecedented. Science has turned a little bit and instead of studying disease, they're actually studying healthy individuals and they're trying to figure out or basically unlock the door to find out why individuals, some individuals, have a healthy memory at 60, 70 and 80 versus others that don't. And the interesting thing is that all has come back to the category of cellular energetics. Improving cellular energetics is the very core principle that we all need to implement in our lives as a healthy aging strategy. Let me speak to aging. .Many times you hear about "anti-aging products" and the reality is that there's no such thing; we're all aging. You can't stop the aging process. We haven't figured out that yet, but what we have figured out is that we can slow the rate at which we age by improving our cellular energetics. And the beautiful thing is the key to doing that is within a category of nutrients called bio-energetic nutrients. These are nutrients that actually help the cells in our bodies produce energy. Hence, bio-energetic means life energy. These nutrients actually support the brain and the body's ability to produce healthy energy, which looks like it's everything when it comes to healthy aging. Also very interesting: there's foods that you can consume that improve cellular energetics and there's a way that you can exercise that can actually improves cellular energy. Knowing how to put these three things together in an organized fashion is, from my perspective in 25 years of research an absolute core key to healthy aging. To the degree we can improve our brain's energetics, we can improve our brain's ability to make ATP, we can restore cognitive function in older individuals. So if you're 50 or 60 and you're fatigued and tired and lethargic and you wake up in the morning and you have to stumble into the kitchen to the coffee pot just to try to feel normal and you don't feel normal, you don't feel like you used to. The key, most likely is energy. We have an energy deficit. So, in order to improve our brain's ability to produce energy, we want to add bio-energetic nutrients to our diet. When we do that, we improve our brain's ability to produce ATP; we support our brain's ability to produce neurotransmitters associated with focus, concentration, memory and learning. That's the key....energetics are the key! A twenty-five or thirty-year old is at their peak capacity of producing ATP through the mitochondria, and as we age, from the decade for example from thirty to forty and from forty to fifty and on, there's a normal decline in that mitochondria population, meaning there's a loss in total body mitochondria. Those individuals that keep their healthy mitochondria function as they age are those people that age slower; they look better, they feel better and cognitive health-wise, brain health-wise, they have no problem with memory. At Xenesta, we have premier brain-health nutrients in the bio-energetic category unlike any other company I know of in the world today. Let me tell you, if this isn't a word that's in your vocabulary today, Bio-Energetic nutrients, I promise you, your friends and your family, everyone will know about this category in the future. You have the ability to bring this category to them in the premier brain-health products that we provide at Xenesta.

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Bioenergetic Nutrients

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