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Adolf Hitler, I come back AfterLife/Death: Demons and Childhood experience 5

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Adolf Hitler 5 - Seeing Demons Always Hi this is Hitler, and I am continuing with my 'experience' as a child So, you know imagine as a child, now seeing all these creatures, and monsters inside human beings, only in their eyes and through their eyes I see them and! I got confused! because You know when I am walking around, and, I am seeing all these creatures and monsters inside human beings, and I was wondering you know, but am I walking in a dream!? because that I you know I 'though that' I thought, well is my mind 'playing tricks' on me? Well not like thinking, per se, it's more just "looking at everything" you know, like a child didn't really you look at stuff! you don't particularly "think"! and, I really wondered if I was 'in a dream' you know I, sometimes pinch myself I sometimes bang my head against the wall! because it's it seems so surreal! and then I though: Well maybe? It's all in my head! but then I went: But how is that possible, because I've never Firstly I've never seen anything like these before 'ever', no picture books. Secondly! whatever what these creatures are saying to me, half of the things I haven't ever heard in my Life. When they started speaking to me of course, sometimes but you know, I liked walked passed human beings and I see these stuffs run into like (fierce) come over me, and I just laughed, because I knew they weren't able to do anything with me. You know they've tried they always- just 'stood so close'! to me, walking around me sometimes, in human beings, they were just 'everywhere'! and, I just laughed. Because they want to intimidate me and 'I knew', that if I feared, or if I became anxious or angry or 'anything' that, they would they would be able to attach themselves to me, and probably take over me 'as well' So I didn't, all I did was laughed I remained calmed, I spend lots of time with, 'nature' Because it was only there I had certain amount of peace, I got my experience of, a 'oneness', because of everywhere was in the trees, and nature was within 'me' and, you know I- I kind of looked at everything, and I said: Well You know what is within me? Why is it- Why is it only 'me'? Why do even the children, and all the grown ups have these, 'creatures'? these, 'monsters' within them? and, You know I became 'concerned', not like 'worried' I just I really 'intensely looked at everything', because I wondered, you know Am I supposed to be Here? Firstly I wondered: Wasn't I sent into the "wrong place"? or the "wrong world"? Is this the only 'world'? and, you- basically that's my entire child experiences are ask these 'strange questions' and then, in terms of 'when I got older' I, started, finding out about, mysticism, and Human beings being able to speak to the 'dead', and, that's where I found the term 'demon' and, they were 'lost souls' But Now! I couldn't "speak" to anyone about what I'd seen I just don- no one would've believe me and I almost "did once" well I actually did once, tell someone and, they wanted send me into for a psychiatric 'analysis'! Because they thought I was crazy! Then, because that being reacted in such a way I just decided from there, I will never 'again', tell anyone about this! I saw them 'my whole Life'! there was not a moment ever since I was a child, that I didn't see them! they were 'everywhere'. It's like you know when you see- everyone in this world 'sees only pictures' Well I saw everything for a moment, see! I see everyone as a picture, then for a moment I see the, the demon 'inside them' It was I basically when I was looking inside the being's eyes so would be, a picture, then I see the demon, picture|demon, picture|demon and I just couldn't fit the two together you know, because here, on one side you see human beings, as you see human being living seeming normal Lifes! Yet! what I see inside them, is Not Normal! But how is that beings are able to act normal but there are these creatures as monsters inside them? and then I realized, I started basically 'investigated' my mother I started looking in her eyes and I saw, suppression, and anger, and sadness, and 'blame' and god! I can see her entire Life, inside her, in one moment then I realize that what these monsters and creatures are feeding of, is fear is anger is the sadness, is is sorrow! is helplessness god! any 'emotion' and and apparent 'feeling' but even feelings have become emotions, because 'Joy, and Love and Peace', were a way but to 'suppress' that energy experience which they had inside them, which is sadness, anger, regret god know! that's all I saw in human beings! and apparently human beings say that they are joyous, or they experience 'loved' or happiness, but when I looked 'inside them', there is not what I have seen. Ok this is Hitler, I'll continue in my next interview thank you. Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: L. Ron Hubbard, G.I. Gurdjieff, Adam Weishaupt CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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