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Goofy teacher

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Today, more than ever before education has a very very important role in the teaching of children. School has become a vital part in every community, drawing children from every walk of life Off to school, George! eager to take advantage of its opportunities. Emerging from their sheltered confines dipping easily into the habits of the student. Coming from far and near, struggling towards an education whetting their appetites for knowledge, forming friendships for the future childish energy lets nothing stand in its way. In their tiny hands, they hold the future. The person upon whose capable shoulders rests the responsibility for their education is that unsung hero, the teacher. He must be fair, honest, understanding, and intelligent. He must handle every situation with the utmost dignity. With a complete understanding of his pupils, the experienced teacher equips himself for the classroom. Good morning to you good morning dear teacher George! Good morning, dear teacher, we're happy to be here Good morning, dear teacher, We love our school all year. Roll call, pupils. Eddie..-yeah Mike- yeah- Tim- there Norma- yeah Janice- yeah Er, Winston- present Marjorie- aarrgh, here! John...there Lucille... Ahm, George... George! Homework, children! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ... 14, 15, 16, 17, hmmm, who's absent? Geography lesson... Now, children, we will study the effect history has played on geography. According to today's paper, the boundaries of Thailand, or Siam, but in your book is French Indochina, whereas Persia, now called...well, Mesopotamia, that's not far from the border by Northern India, ...that's Pakistan! At the same time, however, The students eagerly return to the classroom Spelling time... George, how do you spell the word "cat"? KAT: K-A-T-, KAT Wrong! Youthful minds are encouraged to develop their latent talents Ah, yes, the creative outlets of the arts and the crafts. Tests and examinations fill out the day, as bright little minds gather knowledge from their teacher. But little hands make the time pass quickly. Contrary to popular belief, the teacher's work is not through at the end of the school day. Oh, no. There are many unfinished chores, blackboards to be cleaned, erasers dusted, and of course the ever-present parent-teacher relationship. What's the matter with my kid's grammar? So it is to this great profession and its halls of learning that we dedicate this When the occasion arises, there are times when disciplinary action must be taken.

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Posted by: totleigh on Feb 19, 2012

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