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Sraddhalu Ranade - Pioneering Consciousness

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globaloneness project Pioneering Consciousness Whenever there is a pioneer, his task is to establish the new truth. And he makes a hugh leap--it's a quantum leap, there are no steps in between--it's a jump, straightaway. [Sraddhalu Ranade So Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, I] And he's, so to say, hanging in mid-air--that's what makes him look a bit of a radical. But once he establishes it in himself, it spreads by condition on others, who are inspired, but to different degrees. And then it's as if gradually, the intermediate steps are formed over time. And even at that point, it's as if the high ideal lapses back to a diminished or distorted version of it. But that's how the mass of humanity assimilates the ideal, by limiting it and bringing it closer to its present capacity. And this is the reason why religions fall. There's a deep, spiritual experience and then the mass captures only the outer forms and the crust of it, and loses the inner core and is left with mechanical forms to be repeated. And then again, someone comes and pushes through and expresses the living truth of it once again, maybe in new forms, and again it diminishes. This is the pattern of evolution. If, for some reason, the pioneer could establish those small steps in between, then, of course, the change would be much smoother. But it's the job of the pioneer to make a leap and not make small steps. The mass moves by small steps. So at the present crisis, we in fact need to consider what is more important. In a sense, we can best contribute to the whole world if all of us can individually make an effort to change ourselves. And when enough of us can make that change and relate to each other in a new consciousness, then we can best serve humanity, rather than going out and trying to change others on the basis of our existing consciousness, which is not good enough. Often we can see, the best contribution we can make to the world, is to start making the change within ourselves. And as a next step, when enough make that change, we relate to them on a new consciousness, on new values, on a new level. And a, kind of a collectivity of shared, higher values begins to form. It need not be in one location, it can be across the world. But the connection on a higher level is what will create that subtle, spiritual collectivity, and that's the best way to help humanity.

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